Welcome to our live coverage of Impact on POP, which will begin at 8pm ET! Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section, share our coverage of tonight's episode through social media, and REFRESH for the most up to date coverage. Initially scheduled on tonight's show was the Barbed Wire Massacre III Match between LAX and oVe, but POP pulled the plug due to its violence. Instead, that will be shown on Impact's Twitch channel immediately after tonight's show at 10pm ET. Above and below is what's on tap for tonight's show:

Taiji Ishimori (c) vs. Dezmond Xavier (X Division Championship)

Stalemate for most of the early parts of the match with Xavier going for an early pin, two-count. Xavier finds himself on the floor, Ishimori goes to fly, just kidding. Xavier back in the ring, both guys going back and forth, Ishimori goes for handspring, gets kicked in midair, goes to the floor. Xavier with a suicide dive shoving Ishimori out into the fans. Ishimori moves off to the corner where it's a bit more open. Xavier with a crazy senton over the barricade and takes out Ishimori!

Coming back from break, both wrestlers are back in the ring, cutter by Xavier. Dropkick to the back, pin, two. Ishimori with a cut in the back of the head, looks like he banged the concrete pretty good when Xavier hit that senton. Both men end up on the second rope, stalled vertical suplex by Ishimori lands clean. Xavier with an elbow, hits the ropes, misses a clothesline, handspring roundhouse by Ishimori. Ishimori goes for a double stomp, gets kicked right in the mug. Xavier with a corkscrew senton! 1-2-no! Xavier can't believe Ishimori kicked out of that.

Xavier yells "Stay down!" as he throws bombs to Ishimori's face. Ishimori rises up, goes for double knees, counter, standing corkscrew by Xavier, pin, two. Both miss in the corner, Xavier goes for a back handspring, gets caught, double knees, Ishimori 450 splash hits, 1-2-3! Fantastic match by these two, wow.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori via Pinfall to retain the X Division Championship

- Post-match, crowd gives a standing ovation. Both guys hug, Ishimori celebrates.

- Random location, oVe says tonight they will take over everything.

- Recap of the rivalry between LAX and oVe, the titles changing hands, and their 5150 Street Fight at Bound for Glory. The recap continues on as the rivalry heated up when Callihan threw a fireball in Konnan's face. After Impact, their Barbed Wire Massacre III Match will air on Twitch.

- Dan Lambert hypes up American Top Team and says they are going to expose pro wrestling and wrestlers for the loud mouths that they are. Recap from two months ago of Lashley/King Mo vs. Moose/Stephan Bonnar at Bound for Glory. We then see James Storm getting into the feud with ATT and what led to a "Career vs. Career" match between Lambert and Storm. With the help of ATT and KM, Storm would lose the match and his career. KM was then brought in as a new member of ATT.

- GWN Flashback moment of the week, Eddie Edwards vs. Aron Rex. Seeing a good chunk of this random match since Impact has to fill time now that the Barbed Wire Match is no longer on the show. This was a Grand Championship Match with Aron Rex picking up the victory and the title.

- Recap of EC3 and Matt Sydal's story. For weeks, EC3 has been saying Sydal can get to the big match, but chokes each time and loses. Sydal says the title is coming home with him. Next week these two will face off, no rounds or judges.

- Recap of Laurel Van Ness winning the Impact Knockouts Championship via a tournament. Allie becomes the number contender and we see clips of Van Ness attacking Allie. It's announced next week it will be Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness for the title.

Kongo Kong (with Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Chandler Park (with Joseph Park)

Chandler dodges Kongo at first, tries to punch away at Kongo's stomach, but it does nothing. He tries to run away, Kongo chases and splashes him in the corner. Kongo goes for another splash, misses, Chandler with some punches to the face in the corner. Kongo picks him up and drops him on his knee, follows that up with a cannonball in the ring. Kongo drops Chandler down on his head and that will do it.

Winner: Kongo Kong via Pinfall

- Post-match, Kongo comes back, heads to the top rope and splashes down on him. Joseph watches on in horror from ringside, but he climbs into the ring to check on Chandler. Jimmy says Kongo is a monster and the Parks are pathetic.

- We see Johnny Impact, Alberto El Patron, and Eli Drake hype their upcoming triple threat title match.

Eli Drake vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Impact (Impact Global Championship)

We head to Detroit for this match and get right into it with all three wrestlers battling. Alberto and Drake dispose of Johnny right off the bat. Drake makes his way out to the floor and hits Johnny with a chair. Looks like we're getting highlights as Johnny suddenly is buried in chairs. Alberto and Drake in the ring, Alberto drops the champion and goes for a pin, two. Johnny crawls out from under the pile, tosses Drake to the floor, and goes after Alberto.

Poor lighting aside, the ring ropes in this are insanely loose, I'm actually surprised they're wrestling in a ring like this. Alberto with strikes on Draker, goes for a bunch of punches in the corner. Drake slips under, goes for gravey train, countered, Drake counters Patron, but then a back cracker on Drake, pin, Johnny pulls the ref out of the ring and gets back in the ring. Kick to Alberto, swinging neckbreaker, pin, Drake now yanks the referee out of the ring. This the third time the ref has been pulled out of the ring.

The ref suddenly gets really mad and wants to fight all three wrestlers. Triple superkick to the referee, Drake thrown into the ring post right after. Alberto able to get a pin on Johnny (new ref in), only a two. Drake with a clothesline on Johnny, pin, two. Another ref gets taken out of the match via a gravy train. All three wrestlers swing away at each other as the entire locker room clears out to seperate all three guys. The match is apparently thrown out since they beat up both refs. All three end up clearing out the entire locker room. Alrighty then.

Match ends in a No Contest

Rosemary vs. KC Spinelli

Spinelli charges in, misses, goes right into the corner. Rosemary throws him into the turnbuckle a few times. Rosemary with a splash in the corner, exploder suplex, pin, only one. Rosemary continues to dominant until she misses in the corner. Spinelli drops her, goes for a pin, two. Rosemary hits a couple clotheslines, release german suplex, pin, two.

Rosemary has tried for red wedding twice, both times getting countered. Spinelli with a clothesline, pin, two. Rosemary able to get to her feet and teases mist, Spinelli ducks, but Rosemary was just faking her out, Red Wedding finally hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Rosemary via Pinfall

- Post-match, Rosemary talks about Laurel Van Ness being a wrestler again and has found herself a "shiny new toy." She gives respect to Laurel for stopping her mist with her hand. She then tells Allie if she does win the title, their alliance will not save her and she's coming for the Knockouts Championship. From the crowd comes Hania, making her debut on Impact Wrestling. She hammers away on Rosemary, clotheslines her out of the ring and slams her face on the steps. Hania taunts Rosemary and attempts to throw her into the ring post, Rosemary counters and is able to fight back momentarily. Hania ends up slamming Rosemary on the ramp. Hania yells "Nobody is going to stop me!" as she launches Rosemary into the steel steps, Hania then drops Rosemary down on the steps as the crowd boos. About eight Referees and security guys finally come down and get her to leave, way to show up late guys.

- We see the second part to the rivalry between oVe and LAX. Abyss talks about the scars he received from the Barbed Wire Massacre matches he was in.

- Preview of all the big matches already announced for next week.

- We see the introductions for Barbed Wire Massacre III and what the ring looks like without the ropes. The match will be shown over at Impact's Twitch channel, which you can go to by clicking here.

oVe (Jake Crist, Dave Crist, Sami Callihan) vs. LAX (Barbed Wire Massacre III Match)

All six men swing away at each other, LAX attempts to throw oVe into the wire, but oVe is able to stop their momentum and then bail out of the ring. Santana with a senton all the way to the floor. Trash lids are out and oVe gets popped in the head. Callihan and Homicide in the ring with forks! They try to stab at each other, Homicide ends up blocking the barbed wire with his foot, but then gets send right into it. Callihan then gets tossed into it by Ortiz. Dave jumps in and throws Ortiz in chest first. Santana hops in and he spears Dave into a barbed wire board in the corner. Santana tries for a splash, misses, he goes right into the board.

Jake in now, and he ends up getting kicked into the wire. Homicide grabs a fork and jabs it at Jake's mouth. Dave is cut on his shoulder as he throws a barbed wire board at both Santana and Ortiz. Homicide gets about six chairs thrown at him as he yells "F--- you!" to Jake and Callihan. Ortiz with a chairshot to Callihan. Dave and Homicide in the ring, and Homicide throws alcohol on Dave's open wound, ouch.

Jake gets suplexed through a barbed wire board set up on two chairs on the outside. Homicide squish a board on Callihan in the ring. Callihan with a lowblow and he suplexes Homicide right down on the barbed wire, breaking off most of it, yikes. The referee is attempting to cut him free. LAX double team on Callihan, pin attempt, but the ref is distracted. two count. Jake then gets dropped on wire too and he's all kinds of tangled up. Otiz randomly cuts Jake free, but Santana ends up wrapping him up completely in barbed wired! Dave and Sami are put down as Santana sets up a table on the outside. Ortiz picks Jake up and nails a death valley drive through a barbed wire board in the corner, pin, and for whatever reason Jake kicks out.

Ortiz gets caught on the edge of the ring and Jake - while still wrapped up in wire - ends up spearing him off the ring and down through a table. Everyone looks to be down at this point. Crowd chanting for tables, you monsters! Santana and Dave in the ring, Santana gets hit with wire cutters, Callihan brings in a barbed wired chair and tombstones him on it, pin, and a kick out! Callihan with another piledriver on Santana. Two tables and a ladder are brought in the ring, Santana is put down on the table. Dave heads up to the top. In comes Konnan, kick between the legs on Callihan and hits him with a baseball bat. Santana climbs up the ladder with a handful of wooden skewers and ends up sticking about, oh, 30 of them in Dave's head. Suplex through the tables, Santana with the pin, and we're done here.

Winners: LAX via Pinfall