Artist Rob Schamberger Talks Brock Lesnar Watching Him Paint Before A Match, Start With WWE, Advice

During an interview with FOX 4 Kansas City, WWE portrait artist Rob Schamberger revealed that Brock Lesnar once watched him paint as he was getting ready for a match against Seth Rollins.

"While I'm in the back painting (during WWE Battleground 2015), I feel this presence behind me. I don't see or hear anything. It's just like a sixth sense. I feel it. I turn around, and it's Brock Lesnar watching me paint," Schamberger said.

"It turns out Brock is actually a bit of an art fan and just wanted to watch me paint while he was preparing for his match. He went out and just destroyed Seth Rollins."

Schamberger, who hosts the popular Canvas 2 Canvas YouTube series and whose work is seen on countless pieces of WWE merchandise, began working for the company in 2014 after creating a piece celebrating WrestleMania.

"I debuted with WWE at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans," Schamberger said. "I painted a 7-by-5 piece that was celebrating the 30 years of WrestleMania. No pressure at all, right? But it was really successful, and I feel like it was a good place to start."

Schamberger's passion for art and WWE has transformed him into somewhat of a celebrity. To the dream chasers, he says if you really want to make things happen, you have to stand out.

"There's one of three things you have to do. You have to be the first, you have to be the best, or you have to be different than everyone else. If you can find one of those things, you're going to do it. If you can get two, you're going to be a raging success. That's what worked for me, and it'll work for anyone."

You can check out the video interview with Schamberger here.


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