Impact Wrestling Results (3/15): Feast Or Fired Match, Rosemary Vs. Taya Valkyrie, Sami Callihan

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- Jeremy Borash (lol) introduces the men involved in tonight's "Feast or Fired" Match: three title opportunities, one pink slip.

Sami Callihan (with Jake and Dave Crist) vs. Fallah Bahh

Callihan tries to bum rush Bahh, but he was ready and stops Callihan dead in his tracks. "No, no, no!" Bahh (and the rest of the crowd) says. He shoves Callihan away, big shoulder block. He tries to stomp away at Callihan who ends up rolling away and out of the ring. Crowd is totally into Bahh. Callihan runs in and gets hit by a running crossbody, cover, two.

Bahh tries for a leg drop and Callihan ends up catching and biting Bahh's foot. Crowd with plenty of "Bahh!" chants as Callihan beats up on him. Bunch of stomps as Callihan tries to keep the much larger opponent grounded. Big chops, just anger Bahh. Nice belly-to-belly suplex by Bahh. Callihan with multiple clothesline, but Bahh with a samoan drop stops those. Bahh heads up to the second rope, Calliahn gets up, hits both knees and is able to hit a death valley driver for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan via Pinfall

- Post-match, oVe brings Bahh back in the ring and Callihan goes to do the same thing to Bahh, but Edwards ends up running out to make the save. His eye is still jacked up from the baseball bat shot he received a few weeks back.

- Earlier today, Matt Sydal says he's ready to reveal his "spiritual guide."

- Studio, Sonjay Dutt and Josh Mathews recap a few segments from last week including Brian Cage coming out and helping out Lashley against oVe.

- GWN Flashback moment of the week features a previous "Feast of Fire" match. The match includes Xavier Woods and Consequences Creed. Jay Lethal, Curry Man, and two members of LAX ended up with the four cases.

- 2 weeks ago, we see Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong demanding Joseph Park bring out Abyss.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Austin Aries about his time with Impact. He talks about winning the title and the book he wrote. Alberto El Patron interupts and says he needs to talk Aries right now. Alberto sends McKenzie on her way and sits down to talk with him. He wants Aries to know this is his show and that he probably knows that he didn't actually lose the title. Alberto says he respects Aries (while he puts his hand on the title). Alberto says he has a welcome present for Aries. In comes a tray of wine and a big steak, which Aries doesn't eat.

Aries pulls out a banana and says he's got what he needs from eating that. Alberto asks if Aries is going to be rude to him about not eating. Alberto then eats some in his face, Aries eats his banana. Alberto says "where I come from, when people do that, things happen, I'm trying to be nice." He puts the meat in Aries face and the champ smacks it away. Alberto backs off and says "I'm just a friend, I'm trying to be friendly." Alberto then says he didn't realize about the vegan stuff. Alberto says he'll buy two of Aries' books, Aries slaps the book against Alberto's chest and says this one is on me. "I'm making the champion's purse now, you remember what that was like, right?" Super weird, but also super tense between the two wrestlers.

- Kiera Hogan talks with Allie backstage and says she's super happy about Allie winning the title and can't wait to work with her more. Braxton Sutter shows up and Hogan bounces, Sutter wants to talk with Allie a bit, but the champ bounces.

- Jimmy Jacobs outs with Kongo Kong, Jacobs doing some kind of spoken word style promo. Jacobs says innocent people are getting hurt because Joseph Park won't unleash Abyss. He's going to unleash Kongo on a path of destruction if he doesn't get what he wants. Jacobs says he will try one final time because he's a nice guy. "Where is Abyss?"

James Mitchell heads out to the ring. Jacobs says Mitchell must not know who he is, since he just walked out here by himself. James says Jacobs reminds him a lot of himself partly because he is a "monster fan." Mitchell says he sold his soul and made his son, Abyss, the World Champion. With that they ended up ruling Impact Wrestling for a long time. Mitchell says he ended up pushing Abyss so hard that Abyss' personality ended up splintering to become Joseph Park. Jacobs is making faces like he doesn't care. Mitchell says he turned a blind eye to everything that Jacobs has done thus far.

He continues that Jacobs was able to do something that Mitchell couldn't do previously and that was awaken the monster. Abyss immediately comes out and faces off with Kongo Kongo. Abyss immediately swings away and blasts Kong out to the floor, landing on his feet. "Abyss!" chant from the crowd. Mitchell says next week it's a Monster's Ball match against Abyss.

- Recap of the rivalry between Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary

Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary

Rosemary instantly hits a spear on Taya who rolls out to the floor. Rosemary with a dive off the apron, flattening her opponent. Action back in the ring, Rosemary up to the top rope and lands a crossbody. Big suplex by Rosemary who have been dominant in this match so far. Tries for a sunset flip, Taya blocking it, Rosemary bites her leg, but Taya with a double stop, pin, two-count.

Taya getting in plenty of offense now, chops and strikes ground Rosemary. Rosemary fights back, charges into the corner, gets put in the corner and tries to fly off the top rope, but gets stopped. Crowd heavy with the "Rosemary!" chants. Rosemary tries for the upside down submission, Taya blocks it though and throws Rosemary into the ring. She tries for the road to valhalla, nope. Rosemary with a rebound forearm out of the corner. Taya able to drop her opponent and hits a curb stomp, Taya heads to the top rope and tries for a moonsault, misses! Rosemary with a running knee to the face. Big clothesline that sends both Rosemary and Taya out to the floor. Ref with a ten-count, both women get up and continue fighting. We end up getting a double count-out.

Match ends with a double count-out.

- Post-match, they continue to fight, Rosemary nearly sends Taya off the stage, but Taya dodges it. Taya hits road to valhalla on the ramp, yet again.

-Eli Drake on the phone with someone (maybe Chris Adonis?) about how they had a plan to both being in the "Feast or Fired" match. Drake says he'll just have to do it himself and fires whoever was on the phone.

- Backstage, EC3 talks with McKenzie and talks about if he will be one of the wrestler's who will walk away with a case. EC3 wonders if McKenzie believes in the power of "vision." EC3 says he already knows which case holds his future.

- Dutt and Mathews announce Aries vs. El Patron is the main event for Redemption in April.

- Backstage, Lashley talks with Brian Cage. He tells Cage he fully planned on welcoming him to the company, but he didn't appreciate Cage telling people he "Saved" Lashley last week. Lashley says if he wants to make a name around here maybe Cage should fight him. Cage stands up, stares at him, and walks away.

- Backstage, Sydal said he's ready to share everything with everyone and introduce his spiritual guide.

- LAX Lair, Homicide returns to the group with some money from a recent trip. Konnan says he's short some money though and the two kind of get into it. The rest of the group calm them down and they make plans to go out and party.

- Matt Sydal comes out with both the Impact Grand Championship and X Division Championship. Sydal thanks the fans, but he says without his spiritual guide he doesn't know where he would be today. Out from the back comes Josh Mathews to some boos. On commentary, Dutt can't believe it's Mathews. On the mic, Mathews says he's enlightened now and it comes from within. He says Sydal is the "north star of enlightenment." "You suck!" chant breaks out from the crowd. Mathews tells everyone they should just try to center their chi. "Delete!" chant breaks out. Mathews then has a gift for Sydal, his spirit animal, or, just some weird looking mask.
Sydal says if he's a champion, so is Mathews, and awards him the Impact Grand Championship. Sydal puts the title on Mathews. Crowd boos pretty heavily.

Eli Drake, Petey Williams, KM, Tyrus, EC3, Caleb Konley, Trevor Lee, Ishimori, Moose, and Rohit Roju (Feast or Fired Match)

Action all over the ring with guys either pairing off or working three at a time, just a lot of punching and kicking by all parties. A majority of them clear out to the ring as Ishimori and Roju go to work in the ring. Roju takes down Ishimori as Williams gets in the ring and hits Roju with a dropkick to the back, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. KM gets in and clears house, tries to get a case, but Konley ends up stopping him and sending him out of the ring. Lee with a big punt kick to KM on the floor.

Williams with a hurricanrana from the ring down to the floor on Lee. Roju with a suicide dive to the outside. Ishimori with a golden moonsault to the floor. Williams able to get back in the ring, climbs up, and claims Case #2 as we head to break. Back from commercials, Moose is destroying everyone in the ring, sending some to the floor. EC3 hops into the ring and runs down Moose. EC3 fakes like he's going to jump to the outside, but goes for a case instead. Moose stops him and gets Case #4 for himself.

Lee and Ishimori in the ring now, Ishimori with a handspring kick to Lee's face. Konley gets in there for the save, hits some big chops. Ishimori continues to fight off the Cult of Lee until the numbers game get the best of him. Lee heads up to get a case, but Roju is able to stop him. Cult of Lee clear him out, but in comes Tyrus who hits a bunch of suplexes. Tyrus with a suplex on Drake who instantly gets back up and flops down to the mat. Crowd loved that. Tyrus heads up for a case, EC3 with a lowblow, grabs Case #3. He them smacks Tyrus in the face with the case. Drake hits three gravy trains, and a massive super release suplex on Lee! Drake grabs Case #1 and that will end the match.

Winners: Eli Drake, Moose, Petey Williams, and EC3

- Next week the cases will be opened up.


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