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- Earlier this week, Impact World Champion Austin Aries bumps into Impact X Division Champion Matt Sydal and Impact Grand Champion Josh Mathews. Aries ends up challenging Sydal in a "Title vs. Title" match. Sydal agrees to step in and defend the Grand Championship, despite Mathew's protest.

Petey Williams vs. Rohit Raju vs. Taiji Ishimori vs. Suicide

Rohit and Suicide end up out on the floor almost instantly with Ishimori and Williams squaring off in the ring. Ishimori with a hurricanrana, Williams trips him up against the ropes, dropkick to the back. Suicide taking out Williams and Rohit with a nice combination of moves. Ishimori in with a missile dropkick on Suicide. Williams locks in a sharpshooter, but Rohit breaks that up with a kick to the chest.

Suicide with some palm strikes on Rohit, tries for a sunset powerbomb to the floor on Williams who ends up holding on to the ropes. Rohit with a suicide dive to the floor, clearing out both guys. Ishimori with a golden moonsault to the floor, taking out everyone. Everyone tries for roll-up pins, but no winners. Ishimori with a handspring kick to Williams' head. Williams with a codebreaker on Rohit, leg sweep, pin, two. Tries for canadian destroyer, Suicide with a superkick to stop that. Ishimori with a springboard sit down senton on Suicide. Ishimori with a double stomp to the chest on Williams, cover, two.

Ishomori lands double knees on Rohit, up to the top rope, 450 splash lands, cover, Suicide breaks up the pin. Suicide tries for a moonsault off the second rope, nobody home. Williams connects with a canadian destroy on Suicide and picks up the victory.

Winner: Petey Williams via Pinfall

- Post-match, Petey Williams says he's cashing in his "Feast or Fired" opportunity at the Redemption PPV against Impact X Division Champion Matt Sydal.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Eli Drake about receiving a tag title opportunity thanks to the "Feast or Fired" match, but he wasn't really happy about that. Drake says he's one of the best in the company and should be going after the top title, not the tag titles. He continues that he doesn't have a tag partner, he doesn't want one. "You think I want some cross-eyed half-wit" as a partner, Drake asked. He then suddenly had an idea and headed off.

- In studio, Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt hype some of the upcoming shows live on Twitch including Impact vs. Lucha Underground, which features Austin Aries and Fenix vs. Alberto El Patron and Pentagon Jr. Later tonight: Lashley vs. Brian Cage, Su Yung will debut, KM vs. Fallah Bahh, and the "Title vs. Title" match.

- Eddie Edwards is in Ohio and he's looking for Sami Callihan.

Su Yung vs. Amber Nova

Yung jumps Nova before the bell rings, gets on her and swings wildly. Panic switch (samoan driver) hits and that will do it.

Winner: Su Yung via Pinfall

- Backstage, McKenzie talks to Johnny Impact about wanting to win the title and that's what most people want in the back. Jimmy Jacobs strolls up and says not everybody necessarily wants the same thing. Jacobs says Johnny lives in a beautiful bubble and that his monster is about to pop that bubble. Johnny says to stop talking in circles and get to the point. Jacobs pretty much said in due time and headed off.

- Backstage, Taya Valkyrie is in a good mood because she proved once again that she's better than Rosemary. The camera pans back and Rosemary is following Taya from up above with a trash can. She launches it on down on Taya, suddenly show up behind her and the two begin to brawl. An innocent bystander gets too close and gets a trashcan to the face. Richard Justice checks to see what's going on and Taya ends up punching him. Taya heads back to Rosemary and gets mist to the face. Blinded, she grabs a passing Amber Nova and starts choking her. A group of people try to hold Taya back and Rosemary is up high again, she dives down on the group and lays out Taya. Rosemary laughs as she walks away. Great segment!

KM vs. Fallah Bahh

We're outside of the Impact Zone now and see some highlights between KM and Bahh. KM getting the best of Bahh in the early parts of this. KM mocking Bahh's "No! No! No!" as Bahh hits a samoan drop. Bahh with some chops, hits a running crossbody, cover, two. Bahh over to the second rope and drops down, nobody home. KM steals a victory with his feet up on the top rope.

Winner: KM via Pinfall

- Post-match, KM says Fallah Bahh should change his name to "Fat Ass" Bahh. Yep.

- Recap of the short history between Lashley and Brian Cage, the two will meet next.

Lashley vs. Brian Cage

Feeling out process to get things started. Cage with a suplex and then a rough looking hurricanrana. Lashley then does one himself! Cage with a clothesline that sends Lashley to the floor. Gets up to the apron, drapes Cage's neck over the top rope, Lashley up to the top rope and hammers down on Cage. Lashley stomps at his opponent, neckbreaker, cover, two-count. Lashley charges Cage, gets dumped over the top and down to the floor. Cage with a flip dive to the floor, clearing out Lashley! Yikes!

Both hop up to the apron from the floor and stare down each other from across opposite sides of the ring. Cage heads to the top rope, Lashley tosses him down to the mat, cover, two. Cage in the corner now, Lashley drops the shoulder into him and dumps him out on the floor. Lashley gets back in the ring, Cage with a springboard tornado DDT. Commentary puts that over big.

Clothesline, lariat, leg lariat, spinebuster, cover, and kick out by Lashley. Lashley hits a spinebuster of his own, cover, Cage kicks out. Lashley with a running power slam, cover, two. Lashley kind of laughs in frustration that he can't put Cage away. Spinning power slam by Cage, tries for a second rope moonsault, misses. Lashley hits a spear and Cage rolls out to the floor. Lashley chases, throws him back in, cover, two-count. Discus lariat by Cage, covers, 1-2-3. What a performance by Brian Cage!

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- Backstage, Gail Kim is getting ready. Allie comes in and asks for some advice after Sutter has been mean to her and getting attacked by Su Yung. She seems a bit frazzled and Kim tells her she's the champion and needs to stand up for herself. Allie looks to get some confidence and heads off.

- In Studio, Dutt and Mathews preview the upcoming matches.

- GWN Flashback moment of the week features an X Division match featuring then X Division Champion Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, and AJ Styles.

- Backstage, Drake talks to Moose and says he really misses what Moose has in his case. Drake offers up a deal where he'd like to trade because his case has two titles, where his has one. Moose says no. Drake says he's not sure if Moose is ready for the Impact World Championship, but maybe with a buddy he could win the tag titles. Moose says how about this, they'll have a match next week. If Drake wins, he gets Moose's case. If Moose wins, he keeps his case and takes Drake's case.

- Rockstar wrestling show in Ohio, Eddie Edwards rushes the show while oVe is in the ring. Edwards end up crushing a bunch of random dudes. Edwards calls for Callihan who slowly makes his way out to the ring with a baseball bat. Jake and Dave gets knocked off the apron and Edwards swings away on Callihan. Dave and Jake finally get their hands on Edwards and stomp away. Callihan pushes down on Edwards' eye that he injured. Edwards is picked up by Jake and Dave, Callihan goes to hit him with the bat and Edwards kicks in him between the legs.

Edwards takes the bat and swings away on Dave and Jake. Edwards again claws at Edwards' face and punches away at grounded Edwards. Callihan grabs the bat and drives it into Edwards' face. Jake and Dave with the dropkick piledriver to finish Edwards off. The roster surrounds the ring as they chant "Everything!"

- Random location, Sami Callihan told Edwards he thought he could just come into Ohio and try to run oVe down? Well, oVe is coming after him and everything he holds dear because it's Ohio versus everything, everything, everything!

- Quick hype video for the main event, Aries says he wonders if Sydal is into the "extra curricular activities" a bit too much if he's hanging out with someone like Josh Mathews.

Impact World Champion Austin Aries vs. Impact Grand Champion Matt Sydal with Josh Mathews (Title vs. Title Match)

Things pretty even early on as we see Alberto El Patron watching the match from a random location while eating steak. Last week, Alberto tried to offer Aries a nice steak dinner as a gift, but Aries is vegan. Test of strength, but Sydal with the cheap shot. Lots of back and forth action without either man really getting much of an advantage, lots of counters. Sydal with a sunset flip, Aries rolls through, dropkick, cover, two. We head to break.

Aries in control as he drops a big knee on Sydal's face, cover, two-count. Crowd seems to be mostly in support of Aries who climbs to the second rope and hits a diving forearm, pin, two. Sydal gets tossed all the way to the floor, Aries looks to fly and Sydal gets back in the ring and connects with a spinning heel kick. Sydal with a sliding knee, tries to cover, but Aries is right near the ropes to instantly stop the count.

Aries recovers, couple left hands, charges Sydal in the corner, gets kicked in the chest. Sydal tries for a springboard, Aries takes his legs out. Aries up top and drops a forearm on Sydal. Aries tries for a neckbreaker on the ropes, that's blocked, Sydal takes Aries out on the outside. Action back in the ring, back and forth strikes from both wrestlers. Aries tries for a discus lariat, nope, sliding german suplex by Sydal. Ax kick by Sydal. Kneebreaker/suplex combo by Aries. Sydal to the outside, Aries goes to fly - ref is distracted - Mathews grabs Aries' foot. Sydal attacks with a jumping knee, but Aries returns fire, cover, two.

Mathews stops Aries from hitting a death valley driver on the apron. Aries on the apron neckbreaker on the ropes. Mathews tries to distract Aries again and Petey Williams comes down to pull Mathews off the apron. Aries up on the top rope, no handed hurricanrana by Sydal. Sydal with a shooting star press, misses, Aries hits a brainbuster, cover, and we have a new Grand Champion.

Winner: Austin Aries via Pinfall to become the new Impact Grand Champion

- Post-match, we see Alberto smiling while he continues eating. Aries celebrates in the ring with both of his titles.


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