Kevin Owens Hangs With WWE Referee Tim White, WWE Oscar Parody Posters, Clash With Cesaro (Video)

- Above, Cesaro attempted to keep his winning streak alive in the video game, Clash Royale.

- The Oscars are this Sunday and WWE put together some WWE themed poster to mark the occasion. The group includes: "Booty and the Beast," "The Deletion Artist," and "Three Billboards Outside Suplex City."

Which one is your favorite?! #BootyAndTheBeast #TheGreatestStrowman #ILana

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- Kevin Owens made an appearance at the World of Wheels Expo in Edmonton, Canada. Thanking the fans who showed up, Owens also took a photo with former WWE Referee, Tim White. White began his career in 1985 as a part-time Referee and Andre the Giant's assistant, he then went full-time in 1993 and was released from the WWE in 2009.


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