Matt Hardy Responds To Michael Cole Diss, "Ultimate Deletion" Deleted From Hulu, Help With Ad Issues

- Last night's "Ultimate Deletion" match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt was completely cut from the two-hour Hulu version of the show.

- We have heard from several users that they have received mobile redirect ads over the past week. These types of ads should never appear on the site, so if you ever see one, please contact us by clicking here (please try to include a screenshot), or send us a Tweet at @WrestlingInc, and we will try to take care of it as quickly as possible. We have fixed the issue for many of our users, however some people are still getting them. We have dozens of ad partners so these kind of issues can take time to hunt down, however I am spending this week on this and will be permanently removing any ad partner where these ads might be coming from. If you are getting these ads and can help, please send us a DM on Twitter @WrestlingINC. Please include your device and browser, if you're on WiFi or a cellular connection, your location and when you started seeing the ad redirect.

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- Before last night's "Ultimate Deletion" match, announcer Michael Cole oddly apologized to fans before the match, saying that what they were about to see was "obnoxious." Hardy responded to Cole and the words "spewed from his muzzle," as seen below:

Nathan M contributed to this article.


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