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- Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, and Deonna Purrazzo welcome us to the Pre-Show with Riccaboni showing off the ROH Women of Honor Championship.

Hana Kimura vs. Sumie Sakai (First Round Women of Honor Tournament Match)

Sakai in for a handshake, Kimura denies her with some attitude and starts up some sarcastic chants for Sakai and Todd. Sakai tries to mock her opponent and get attacked from behind. Sakai with a hurricanrana and quick pin, two. Kagetsu gets involved and attacks Sakai on the outside while Kimura distracts the ref. Power slam by Kimura, pin, two. Surfboard submission locked in by Kimura. Commentary notes this is the U.S. debut for Kimura as she locks in a single-leg boston crab.

Sakai counters with a DDT, starting to get some momentum until Kimura lands a nice dropkick and and kick. Goes for a cover, only two. Sakai with a nice german suplex with the bridge, two-count. Some frustrations by Sakai as she heads up top, Kagetsu gets involved again. Kimura jumps up and hits a sloppy superplex, stalled vertical suplex, pin, another two. Kagetsu again holds Sakai, Kimura goes for a kick and nails Kagetsu. Sakai sends her opponent out and then dives off the top rope to the floor take both women out! Action back in the ring, Sakai heads to the top dropkick lands. Kimura sends Sakai into the corner, big boot to the face, pin, two-count. Sakai recovers, drops Kimura to the mat, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Sumie Sakai via Pinfall (Advances to the next round)

- Post-match, Kimura slaps away Sakai's hand and Kagetsu with a roundhouse kick. They taunt a bit and the crowd boos.

- Mandy Leon joins commentary as Deonna heads off.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Brandi Rhodes (First Round Women of Honor Tournament Match)

Rhodes tries for a kick, Dashwood catches it, quick roll-up, two. Lot of pin attempts early on, but none close to ending the match. Rhodes gets running the ropes, Dashwood eventually dips out of the way and just watches Rhodes go back and for, laughing at her opponent. Rhodes stops and then slaps Dashwood. Drop toe-hold by Dashwood, sending Rhodes into the corner and tries for a running crossbody, but Rhodes heads out to the floor. Dashwood chases after, Rhodes goes into the ring, elbow, facebuster, pin, two.

Rhodes working on Dashwood's arm, hits a slingblade, pin, two. Rhodes sends Dashwood into three of the top turnbuckle. Charges into the corner, misses, Dashwood with a wrap-around clotheslines, both women down. Dashwood with some clubbing blows and sends Rhodes head into the turnbuckle a number of times. Running crossbody into the corner hits this time, pin, two. Under-hook butterfly suplex, and yes, another pin, two! Rhodes leaps over Dashwood and Rhodes acts like her knee is hurt. She did this in the first round to win her match. Ref checks on it, Rhodes pokes Dashwood in the eye and hits crossroads! Dashwood kicks out, Brand yells, "That works for everyone!" Rhodes goes for a dropkick off the top rope, misses, Dashwood with a running kick to the head and that will do it.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood via Pinfall (Advances to the next round)

- Post-match, Dashwood goes for a handshake, Rhodes denies her. Mandy Leon walks out with Rhodes on her way out. Commentary wondering if she's a mentor for Rhodes.

- Out comes The Dawgs who say they aren't allowed to wrestle because ROH said they have drank too much. They says they aren't leaving the ring until they get an opponent. Out comes the ROH Enforcer, Bully Ray. Bully grabs a chair and whacks one over the back, clearing the ring.

Flip Gordon vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Gordon gets his flip on early and Takahashi ends up just dancing away from his opponent. Shoulder tackle by Takahashi, Gordon instant kip-up, goes into a handstand and head-scissors his opponent down. Takahashi gets dumped to the floor, Gordon with a suicide dive, tries for another but Takahashi cuts him off, runs out of the ring, Gordon chases, Takahashi back in the ring and kicks him down to the floor. Takahashi with a kick off the apron. Action back in the ring, Takahashi jaws with the ref for a moment, drive-by dropkick on Gordon. Takahashi bring in one of Daryl's cousins and whacks Gordon in the head with it. The ref is not happy with that move, but doesn't DQ Takahashi for that.

Gordon hits a samoan drop, running shooting star, cover, two. Up to the top goes Gordon, Takahashi meets him up there Gordon with a float-over powerbomb, but Takahashi blocks it. Gordon kicks him in the side, powerbomb, pin, two. Gordon drags his opponent to the corner, 450 splash, lands on his feet. Takahashi with a canadian destroyer and Gordon hits a weak superkick on his way down to the mat. Superkick by Gordon, star spangled stunner hits and Takahashi kicks out! Gordon goes straight to the top rope and tries for a 450 splash, knees up, Gordon gets rolled up, two!

Takahashi with a death valley driver straight into the turnbuckle. Gordon with a kick to the head, tries for the star spangled stunner again, Takahashi catches him and german suplex with the bridge, two. Takahashi calls for the time bomb, Gordon fighting it off, but gets superkicked and flipped upside down by a clothesline. Time bomb lands, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi via Pinfall

Marty Scurll vs. Punishment Martinez

Scurll instantly sent Martinez to the floor, kick to the head from the apron. Martinez with a throwing falcon arrow and a step-up flip to the floor! Scurll gets throw into the ring and kicks away at Martinez's leg, really focusing on it. Scurll gets thrown to the mat, curb stomp, pin, two! Whew, these two going to war early on. Martinez tries for a chokeslam, nope, but kick lands sending Scurll into the corner. Martinez with a springboard front flip lands hard on Scurll. Pin attempt, two, Martinez goes after the referee who bails to the outside.

Scurll bleeding just above his eye, ouch. Martinez look liked he landed flush on Scurll during that springboard flip. Scurll trying hard to fight back, but having difficulty with the bigger/stronger man. Scurll keeps working the legs, but Martinez hits an ear clap. Scurll with a brainbuster! Scurll tries to end thing, but Martinez counters and slams him face-first to the mat. Martinez tries for another springboard, but Scurll kicks his legs out from under him and then drops his knees on Martinez's leg. Scurll kicked to the outside. Scurll looks like he put something in his trunks, ref sees it, Scurll goes to punch him, but security seperates them. Martinez then dives over the turnbuckle to the floor taking out everyone!

Martinez starts beating up all of the security guards now. Scurll and Martinez now on the apron, "The Villain" gets sent down to the floor. Martinez looking under the ring and brings out a table. Hard punch to Scurll and Martinez lays him on the table, Martinez with a step-up flip, Scurll moves and Martinez crashes through the table!

Scurll attempted to snap the fingers, but Martinez wouldn't let him do it. He tries for a chokeslam, Scurll rolls out of it and is just stomp away at the back of Martinez's neck. This has been such a vicious match. Martinez pops up, kick that almost hits the ref. While the ref is somewhat dazed, Scurll pulls out the bag from his trunks, faked like he was going to throw powder and kicks Martinez between the legs, pin, and that will do it. Great match!

Winner: Marty Scurll via Pinfall

- ROH added a match last minute between Kenny King and Silas Young.

Kenny King (c) vs. Silas Young (World TV Championship)

Stalemate at the beginning with a number of pin attempts. Young taunts a bit on the outside, gets in the ring, "I'm a better man and a better wrestler than you Kenny." Young gets blasted, heads to the outside, King chases, Young tries to catch him in the ring, but no luck. King with a scoop slam, dropkick, pin, two-count. Young swings away on King, kick to the head that sends him to the floor.

Young continues to taunt, King on the apron, tries to springboard in, Silas hits the ropes, which sends King crashing down to the mat. King tries for an exploder suplex, nope, Young sends King out to the floor and King crashes into some cameramen. Young instantly pulls king back into the ring and tries for pin, two. King ends up on the apron, Young tries to suplex him in, but King suplexes both him and Young out to the floor! Referee gets to 19-count and both are able to jump in before 20.

Back-and-forth punches, Young gets bounced to the floor, King jumps over the top rope and crashes on Young. King looks for "selfie time!" Young attacks him, but King fights back and gets a selfie with a crowd member. Both back in the ring, high crossbody by King down to Young. King with a spinbuster straight into a pin, two. King dumped on the apron, Young with a springboard clothesline that weakly connected. Young with a boot to the head and a spinning neck breaker, pin, two.

Young with a fireman's carry, bounces off the top rope and crashes down on King, cover, two-count. Young gets King up on his shoulders, spins, and whacks the ref, pin, but the ref is out of it. He finally gets over, 1-2-no! Young trying to pin King, but he's right in the ropes, Young yells at the ref. Young tried to springboard into the ring, King catches him, royal flush hits, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny King via Pinfall to retain the World TV Championship

- Out from the back comes Austin Aries with all of his titles. Aries says he has a lot of titles, but he's never won the ROH TV Championship. He wanted to make it very clear that he wants King's title. King looked like he had no problem with that challenge and put his on the mat and told Aries to bring it.

The Young Bucks and Adam Page (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, and Scorpio Sky (Vegas Street Fight for the ROH World Six-Man Championship)

Quick start to this match, simply chaos all over the ring with weapons already being brought out. Sky gets a trash can to the face and Page powerbombs him on the metal stage. Page tries to whip Kazarian with a belt and Sky returns with a kendo stick to the back. Daniels then feels the kendo stick as the Young Bucks send him out of the ring. Daniels gets kicked off the apron, Matt catches him and Page lands a shooting star press from the apron down on Daniels. Out comes a table.

Table setup on the floor, Daniels ends up shoving Matt down through the table. Kazarian is busted open now. SoCal all go to work on Nick, performing one move after another. Chair shot to Nick's back. Kendo stick gets put on a chair, Nick finds himself above it and the other end gets stomped and it ends up whacking him between the legs, ouch. Kazarian tries for another kendo strike and ends up smacking Daniels with it. Garbage can gets chucked at Nick and Sky with a standing hurricanrana from the apron to the floor!

Page and Kazarian with dueling trash can lids over and over again. Crowd is on their feet at this point. Page brings in the belt with nails in it! He smacks Kazarian with it. Matt Jackson back in and goes to work on Kazarian and Daniels, but gets a chair right to the face. Matt gets dropped on a chair that was setup, really selling the back injury. Kazarian and Daniels take three barricade pieces and basically build a table out of them on the floor.

They tried to suplex him on it but Nick caught him, both flip in and hit stereo sharpshooters. Page with a flipshot lariat, Daniels with a fantastic best moonsault ever, but he ends up getting flipped over and down on that barricade structure, ouch. Table is out on the floor, now a ladder. Kazarian on the table, Matt up the ladder. "Please don't die!" chant from the crowd. Flying elbow down through the table. Nick puts a trash can on Sky, Nick to the top rope, 450 splash lands, cover, Shane Taylor yanks the ref out of the ring. Nick tries to stop him, but he gets powerbombed on the apron. Taylor with a knee to Page's face. Matt with two superkicks on Taylor. Matt tries to pick him up, but his back gives out. Page in with a kendo stick on Taylor, rite of passage to rid him. Page thrown into the ring post and zip tie him to the post. Sky with a kendo stick to Matt's back, cutter, dragon sleeper with a kendo stick and Matt is forced to tap out.

Winners: SoCal Uncensored via Submission to win the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

Cody vs. Matt Taven

Out with Cody is Bury and Brandi Rhodes. Bully Ray kicked out The Kingdom. Taven on the floor, taunting Bury, Cody with a suicide dive to the floor. Action back in the ring, Taven cartwheels over Cody and does his old Stardust taunt. Cod thrown into the corner, Taven charges in, Cody with a spinning body slam and then an alabama slam.

Brandi finds a chair under the ring, gives it to Bury who gives it to Cody right in front of the ref. As the ref gets rid of it, Taven smacks Cody in the back with his cane and then hits Crossroads, pin, two-count! Taven with a frog splash, Cody hits disaster kick, Taven nails climax, cover, two. Ref gets knocked out, The Kingdom returns to beat up Cody, they try for a lowblow, but Cody had a cup to block it. Bully shows up and chases away The Kingdom. Rhodes hits crossroads and that will do it.

Winner: Cody via Pinfall

- Post-match, Cody gets his Ring of Honor back. Brandi and Bury celebrate with him in the ring. Cody gives Brandi a kiss, then goes for a hug from Bury, but gets shoved away. It's Kenny Omega! V-Trigger hits and knocks out Cody. Brandi gets mad and starts slapping away at Kenny. "You gonna hit me? You gonna hit a girl!" And she ends up kissing Kenny? She smiles and tells him to go tell Ibushi what he did and that Kenny's a fraud.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Briscoes (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

One of the Briscoes hid by the barricade as Shelley and Sabin came to the ring and attacked the champions. Tons of double team work early on with the Shelley and Sabin getting the best of the Briscoes. Mark gets double kicked to the head out on the floor. Sabin with a suicide dive taking out the brothers. Mark with a nice blockbuster from the apron down to the floor. Double stomp/spinning neckbreaker combo out on the floor by the MCMG. Mark is busted open now, Shelley puts some of it on his face.

Mark trying to fight off both opponents as he climbs up to the top with Sabin. Sabin knocks him down to the tree of woe position and he gets double dropkicked in the face. Although he wasn't tagged in, Jay drops the champs, Mark then tags him in and Jay battles with Shelley in the ring. Mark wants back in the match, tries for a dropkick, but hits his brother. Sabin with a crossbody down to the floor on both brothers. Missile dropkick on Mark and suicide dive on Jay to the outside.

Assisted slice bread, Sabin with a cradle shock, pin, Jay breaks up the pin. Inverted atomic drop on Jay, double kicks to Mark. All four wrestlers are now down. Briscoes go to work, Flying elbow lands, pin, very close three. Doomsday device, nope, Sabin tries for a pin, two-count. Mark doprkicks Shelley out on the floor. Piledriver on Sabin, pin, two-count. Doomsday device works this time and we have new champions.

Winners: The Briscoes via Pinfall to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship

Dalton Castle (c) vs. Jay Lethal (ROH World Championship)

Lot of back and forth action to start things off with neither wrestler getting too much of an advantage. Lethal with a leap frog, goes for another and Castle catches him looking for bang-a-rang. Lethal escapes and heads to the floor. Castle escapes one of Lethal's moves and does his taunt for quite a long time. Lethal finally kicks him. Hip toss, cartwheel, dropkick by Lethal.

Big strikes from Lethal, action heads out to the floor, Castle with a nice spin around hurricanrana from the apron down to the floor. The Boys continue to fan Castle, so the fans in the front row try to fan of Lethal. Lethal heads in the ring and hits not one, but two suicide dives. He goes for a third, but Castle hugs him from behind and hits a german suplex to the floor. Action has been on the floor for a long time, ref apparently has no interest in counting.

Lethal continues to beat up on Castle, come near the timekeeper table each take turns smacking each other's heads into it. One of The Boys get sent off the apron into the arms of ROH Announcer Bobby Cruise, Lethal then goes for a suicide dive on Castle, but crashes into Cruise sending him into the barricade! Action finally gets back in the ring. Colt Cabana wondering who will announce the winner of the match now. Castle tries again for bang-a-rang, Lethal counters, drops him, pin, two. Lethal with a torture rack and drives the champion into the mat.

Lethal misses a kick, Castle with a german suplex, pin, two. Huge chops from Lethal, Castle's chest is ready from the punishment. Quick cutter lands for Lethal as he looks to hit lethal injection, forearm to the back stop that. Clothesline by Castle, bang-a-rang countered into a figure-four. Castle's knee has been worked on for most of the match and he's in a lot of pain now, but gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Kicks focused on Castle's knee, lethal injection hits cleanly! 1-2-no! Crowd popped nicely for that kick out. Both wrestlers out on the apron now, Lethal kicks at the knee once again. Tries for a cutter, kicks him into the face, baseball slide on Castle. Back up to the apron, overhead release suplex on Lethal to the floor! That was a rough landing for Lethal. Both guys slowly make their way to the ring and trying to regain their composure. Both begin slapping away at each other. Lethal with some hard kicks, lethal injection, no, bang-a-rang, no, another bang-a-rang attempt and that will finally do it.

Winner: Dalton Castle via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship

- Post-match, Lethal hands Castle his title. Out from the back comes Marty Scurll who talks some trash to Castle. Scurll grabs the mic and talks about how he's had zero title World Title matches since joining ROH. Scurll says Castle better enjoy every moment as Champion because he's taking the title. Bully Ray comes out and congratulates both wrestlers on their matches tonight. He tells Scurll he's right that he has been around for a long time and has made his way up the ranks. Bully says he's earned a title shot and says ROH fans should get exactly what they want to see. At Supercard of Honor XII it will be Dalton Castle defending the title against Marty Scurll.