Dalton Castle On The Pressure Of Being ROH Champion, Working With A Chip On His Shoulder, More

Dalton Castle spoke with Sporting News on his gimmick, being ROH World Champion, and having a chip on his shoulder. Here are some of the highlights:

Feeling the pressure of being the ROH World Champion:

"Absolutely. I feel a lot of pressure now. I feel before there was a goal I was working towards and once you accomplish that, it's no longer pushing forward and, like, I'm going to prove to the world that I can beat champion. I feel more pressure than ever and every match I have has to be the best match I've ever had because now I'm showing the world that I deserve to be champion and I'm going to continue to be champion."

If there was a moment that showed fans his character was serious and not meant to be just a comedic act:

"I don't think I had a defining moment where that happened. I never lost track of what I wanted. As far as you see me as a character, that's still who I am and I still love to be like that. It just so happens that I'm also a really excellent wrestler as well. It was more or less making sure everyone else around knew that I was more than what they perceived the second I walked out the curtain. It was kind of like you get a first impression and you're like OK, there's a fun character. Clearly he's not anything more than that but I never went out of my way to show people that I was more than that. When I walked in, I always wrestled hard. I always tried to do my best. So, it wasn't a matter of me trying to show the world. It was just kind of me wearing on them and them all seeing it at once."

Working with a chip on his shoulder:

"Yeah, I do have a bit of a chip on my shoulder. I believe that I am the greatest talent in the world right now. The belt, to me, proves to the world that yes, right now I am as good as it gets. I think the only thing that holds me back sometimes is I'm not marketing myself to the fullest that I could be. So maybe not enough people know about me. I'm not being seen on as many screens as I could be but every time I go out there, that's not going to change my attitude. I'm going to still go out there and act like the world's watching. I'm going to work my ass off to show that my heart's in this 100 percent."

Castle also discussed his upcoming match against Marty Scurll at Supercard of Honor XII. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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