ROH Supercard Of Honor XII Results: Kenny Omega Vs. Cody, Dalton Castle Vs. Marty Scurll, WOH Finals

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Kelly Klein vs. Mayu Iwatani (Women of Honor Tournament Semis - Pre Show)

Klein using her power early on, but Iwatani looks to choke her out, both rolls into the ropes. Iwatani with a sweep kick, kick to the chest, single leg dropkick to the head. Klein out to the apron, knee to the head as she gets back in the ring. Klein with a running boot that sends Iwatani to the mat, cover, two-count. Multiple chops by Iwatani, palm strikes and Klein returns fire.

Klein heads over to the top rope and basically chokes Iwatani, lifting her off the mat. Iwatani fights off, lands a kick and climbs up to the top rope, top rope hurricanrana! Iwatani on the second rope, missile dropkick. She's going back up to the top, tries for a double stomp, no, superkick lands. Iwatani steps on Klein as she heads up to the top rope double stomp lands this time. She's going up yet again frog splash, cover, two!

Klein counters a hurricanrana, tries for a reverse hurricanrana, goes right into a roll-up, two. Tries for a dragon suplex, Klein with a front-face DDT right into another power move, pin, very close three. Iwatani with a northern lights suplex, two-count. Klein locks in the end of the match submission, referee is checking on Iwatani and calls for the bell.

Winner: Kelly Klein via Referee Stoppage (Advances to the finals)

Sumie Sakai vs. Tenille Dashwood (Women of Honor Tournament Semis - Pre Show)

Fast start to this one, Sakai gets dumped out on the floor, Dashwood up to the top rope and hits a big crossbody to the floor! Action heads back into the ring with Sakai hitting some big chops to Dashwood's head and shoulders. Sakai then locks in a number of submissions on Dashwood. Sakai continues to dominate on offense, heads up and nails a missile dropkick, cover, two.

Dashwood and Sakai end up on the second rope, Dashwood hits a release german suplex. Dashwood tries for that single leg kick, misses, Sakai quickly rolls up Dashwood for the 1-2-3! Crowd is surprised by that one.

Winner: Sumie Sakai via Pinfall (Advances to the Finals)

- Post-match, Kelly Klein and Ian Roccaboni join Sumie Sakai to take photos with the title. They shake hands, but Klein ends up giving Sakai a forearm to the face.

Chuckie T. (with Trent) vs. Jonathan Gresham

Chuckie with some nice mat wrestling, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and Chuckie flexes his guns for the crowd. Another backbreaker, pin, two-count. Body slam, Chuckie with moonsault off the second rope, nope, nice hurricanrana by Gresham. Chuckie out to the floor, Gresham with a suicide dive that overshoots Chuckie and nearly lands on his head, yikes! He looks to be okay as Gresham goes to throws Chuckie into the barricade and ends up giving Trent a hug to stop his momentum. Gresham nearly runs into Trent and Chuckie hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, throws him in the ring, cover, two.

Gresham with a hyper extension of Chuckie's knee, boots him in the face, wheelbarrow right into an ankle lock. Chuckie fights out and we see back and forth forearms from both guys. Gresham with a moonsault, no, tornado DDT lands. Greshman goes to pick up Chuckie he gets an inside cradle for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham via Pinfall

Punishment Martinez vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Martinez has nearly a foot advantage on Ishii. Big strikes from both men, Ishii tries to shove down the big man. Release german suplex, couple big boots to the face, but Ishii with a clothesline in the corner. Ishii tries for a brainbuster, no, Ishii with a chop to the throat, vertical suplex. Martinez with two boots, Ishii out to the floor and Martinez launches himself over the corner out to the ring and lands almost on his head! Ah! Crowd freaking out, but he pops up and then hits a step-up flip to the outside! Martinez up to the top rope and lands a spinning heel kick.

Ishii recover and goes to the second rope, Martinez stop hims, climbs up and hits a super hurricanrana, cover, two. Martinez with some big strikes, but Ishii with a release german suplex. Ishii sits Martinez up on the top rope, Ishii with a stalled vertical suplex, crowd loved that. Ishii tries for a sliding clothesline, nope. Ishii drops his opponent. Martinez tries for a chokeslam, no, knee to the head, kick to the head, south of heaven lands, cover, 1-2-3! A fine match between these two wrestlers.

Winner: Punishment Martinez via Pinfall

Adam Page vs. Kota Ibushi

Page drops Ibushi who immediately kip ups. Some quick back and forth action ending most in stalemates until Ibushi lands a kick to the chest. Page with a neckbreaker on the ropes, Page with a standing flapjack, pumphandle fall away slam bridge. Ibushi with a standing moonsault, cover, two. Page sent to the floor, Ibushi tries for a golden moonsault, Page jumps up and knocks him down to the floor. Crowd didn't like that. Page with a moonsault off the apron, lands on his feet. Page on the barricade, Ibushi jumps up with him and lands an overhead release suplex! Oh wow! Ibushi now heads in the ring and lands a Golden moonsault, crowd loved it!

Action back in the ring, Ibushi tries for a cover, two. Page recovers, counters Ibushi and lands a package piledriver, cover, two. Page trying for rite of passage, no, pele kick to Page. Both on the apron now. Ibushi tries for a piledriver and gets back body dropped on the apron. Page up to the top rope and hits a moonsault. He tosses Ibushi back into the ring, buckshot lariat lands, cover, two.

Page with rite of passage, no, Ibushi rolls him up, multiple pin attempts, no. Ibushi then with a deadlift suplex with the bridge, two! "Fight forever!" chant breaks out. Back and forth strikes, big forearms. Now they are just slapping each other over and over. Golden star powerbomb, two. Straight jacket suplex, two again. Ibushi with a big knee to the face, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Kota Ibushi via Pinfall

Sumie Sakai vs. Kelly Klein (Women of Honor Finals)

Sakai immediately charges in and starts swinging away at Klein for that cheap shot earlier in the night. Klein puts an end to that with a release german suplex. Klein gets in plenty of offense and sends Sakai out to the floor. She tosses Sakai into the barricade, snap suplex, rolls through for the end of the match submission. Action back in the ring, Klein heads up to the top rope, Sakai catches her with a school boy powerbomb down to the mat.

Sakai with a swinging neckbreaker, tries for a wheelbarrow, gets caught and release german suplex by Klein. Coming to the ringside are a number of women from the roster and pound away on the mat. Back and forth forearms, Sakai charges in and gets kicked down to the mat, cover, two. Sakai drops Klein with a DDT, cover, and that will do it! Crowd was surprised at that finish.

Winner: Sumie Sakai via Pinfall to win the ROH Women of Honor Championship

SoCal Unsencored (Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, and Scoprio Sky) (c) vs. The Young Bucks and Flip Gordon (ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship Ladder Match)

It's basically all out chaos to start this match with bodies literally flying all over the place. Action on the floor and in the ring. Matt with a spear on the floor as Daniels tries to climb the ladder and get the titles early. Sky tries for the titles and Gordon knocks him off the ladder. Both Gordon and Kazarian springboard to the ladder in the middle of the ring. Kazarian with a cutter off the ladder to the mat.

Young Bucks assist Gordon with a flip on Kazarian. Kazarian puts a ladder around his neck and spins away, Gordon ends up dodge each swing. Young Bucks return with superkicks on Kazarian. Sky is dropped on a ladder, Nick with a swanton down on Sky. Ladder placed down on Gordon to trap him as Daniels climbs up the ladder, no luck as everyone is in the ring now. Matt gets thrown on a ladder in the corner, Nick gets basically the same fate.

Gordon with a springboard blockbuster, but Kazarian and Sky just swing away on him. Crowd booing. Kazarian tries to pick up a ladder, Nick jumps on the ladder and messes up Kazarian's hands. Bucks go to work on Daniels, Matt holds him up and Nick throws a ladder into his midsection, then gets his face planted on the ladder. Sky gets a double submission put on him, he taps out, but it doesn't matter. Daniels gets a ladder and knocks away the Bucks. Super kick on Daniels.

Kazarian throws a ladder at Nick to knock him off a ladder. Kazarian mistakenly takes out Daniels on the floor. Gordon up top and hops to the ring post, kind of loses his balance and flips down on 2/3 of SoCal Uncensored. Matt then hops not one, two, but three ladders and springboard flips down to the ropes. Balloons?! In comes The Kingdom who were supposed to be banned from tonight's show. They end up wrecking The Bucks and Flip Gordon. SoCal Uncensored cautiously enter, Daniels climbs up, but The Kingdom end up swinging away on them too. Taven with a dive on Daniels. O'Ryan climbs up the ladder, Bucks and SoCal work together to lift the ladder and dumb him on the rest of The Kingdom.

Stereo superkicks and stereo cutters on the Bucks. All six men are now on ladders at the top, Gordon kicks Sky down, Gordon's legs taken out and his head clunks off the top of the ladder. All six men end up falling back down. Gordon brings in the biggest ladder on the outside. Codebreaker on Gordon, superkicks on Kazarian. Nick takes out The Kingdom on the floor. Gordon with a double blockbuster from the apron down to the floor on pretty much everyone. Nick and Flip set tables up on the outside.

Stereo 450 splashes through the tables by Nick and Gordon. Daniels and Matt up on the ladder in the middle of the ring, Matt uses his weight lifting belt to smack Daniel off. Daniels shoves the ladder and Matt with a flying elbow through a table on a Kingdom member! Ahh! Daniels is able to climb up and grab the title for his team.

Winner: SoCal Uncensored via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

- Post-match, Matt Taven smacks Daniels with a title and steals the titles.

Brian Milonas and Beer City Bruiser vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Luke and PJ Hawx (Pre-Show Match)

Lots of action from all of the teams, each getting their time to shine. Alex Shelley with suicide to the outside. Luke with a big dive to everyone on the floor. Bruiser with a cannonball on everybody to the floor! Action back in the ring, Milonas with a second rope suplex, Bruiser with a frog splash off the top rope for the victory.

Winners: Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas via Pinfall

The Briscoes (c) vs. Jay Lethal and Hiroshi Tanahashi (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Lethal and Jay get us started, not much of an advantage by either wrestler. Mark and Tanahashi in now, crowd is loving them some Ace! Tanahashi mocks redneck kung-fu, Mark spits in his face, Tanahashi drops him and brings in Lethal. Big chops by Lethal, followed up by a running dropkick, pin, two. Lethal with some more dropkicks, Jay breaks it up, Lethal kicks Jay out to the floor.

Mark clocks Lethal, Jay hits Tanahashi down to the floor. Mark with a dive from the apron down to the floor. Compared to what we've seen thus far tonight this match is much more on the calmer side. Lethal getting beat up good, but is trying to fight off the Briscoes. Tanahashi pulls Mark down to the floor and Lethal hits a suicide dive throwing Mark into the barricade.

Action back in the ring, Tanahashi body slams Mark, elbow, cover, two. Tanahashi tags in Lethal, big uppercuts from both wrestlers. Mark and Tanahashi in here, Mark sits Tanahashi on the top rope, slaps him. Tanahashi slips under him and hits a slingblade. Lethal and Jay in now, multiple punches, lethal injection attempt, no, chops, and Lethal gets dropkicked in the face. Lethal heads to the top rope jumps off, flying nothing, hits a cutter, cover, two. He goes right into a figure-four. Tanahashi goes up top, but is knocked off. Flying elbow by Mark on Lethal. Fisherman buster on Lethal, Tanahashi breaks up the pin.

Tanahashi clears out Jay on the floor. Lethal hits lethal injection! 1-2-no! Crowd can't believe it, "that was 3!" and "ref you suck!" chants. Mark is put on the top rope, Jay fighting off both Lethal and Tanahashi. Lethal lifts up Jay, Tanahashi goes up top, Lethal gets pushed into him though. Lethal injection attempt, no, german suplex, doomsday device lands on Lethal, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Briscoes via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship

- Austin Aries is out and says he wants to face whoever wins tonight's match. Aries then joins commentary.

Kenny King (c) vs. Silas Young (Last Man Standing TV Championship Match)

Back and forth attacks early on, King catches Young off the rope, swing-out backbreaker. Silas getting dropped, gets up at 7-count. Table was setup early in the match and Young picks up and dropped King straight through it! Ref begins his count and he gets up at 8. King thrown hard into the barricade, slow to get up. Young swings away on King on the floor. King recovers, hits a blockbuster from the apron down to the floor.

Young brings the trash cans into the match, grabs a chair, tries to suplex King on it, nope. King gets the chair, but gets a trash lid upside the head and back. King trying to fight back, gets a table and sets it up out on the floor. King tries to put Young through the table, nope. Beer City Bruiser comes down to help Young out, but King ends up dropping him. Young brings out a ladder and angles it on the barricade. King ends up hitting a belly-to-belly suplex sending Young on it. King then puts Young on the table, heads up to the top and tries for a shooting star press, hitting it perfectly! Referee begins his ten-count and King is suddenly held down near the ring, Bruiser ended up tying his feet together and Silas answers the count in time!

Winner: Silas Young to win the ROH World TV Championship

- Post-match, Bruiser and Young beat up King. Aries leaves commentary and hits a suicide dive on both Bruiser and Young. He grabs a chair and holds up the title throwing it to Young.

Cheeseburger and Eli Isom vs. The Dawgs

The match doesn't get officially start when The Dawgs attack before the match officially starts. ROH Enforcer Bully Ray comes out and calls The Dawgs scumbags for doing this, especially after they weren't even booked on the card. Isom gets taken out, Bully says if Cheeseburger can't find a partner he'll have to throw out the match. Cheeseburger wants Bully Ray to be his partner, Bully initially says no and then agrees and the match gets started.

Cheeseburger and Bully Ray vs. The Dawgs

Bully hits some big punches, Cheeseburger with a big chop. Bully nails a body slam. Cheeseburger does the "Wazzup!" headbutt from top rope. Bully calls for the tables and then chokeslams the heck out of Cheeseburger. Match just fizzles out. He gets on the mic, calls Cheeseburger a piss ant and didn't appreciate him putting Bully on the spot. Bully says guys like Will Ospreay, Flip Gordon, and that "Nobody" Ricochet, the whole generation is selfish and entitled. Out comes ROH COO Joe Koff to see what Bully is doing.

Bully calls him an "old bastard" and says the reason the wrestling business sucks is because Koff signs guys like Cheeseburger. Gordon comes to the ring and Bully grabs Cheeseburger and tells Gordon not to come in the ring or he will piledrive Cheeseburger. Bully says if he does it will get the show shut down and the fans won't get Castle/Scurll and Cody/Omega. "Do you know who I am? I'm Bully Ray. I'm a WWE Hall of Famer." He powerbombs Cheeseburger and bails.

Cody (with Brandi Rhodes and Bernard the Business Bear) vs. Kenny Omega

Cody out with an eye patch on and his police escort. The two stand off in the middle of the ring, crowd with a "holy s---!" chant. Cody sent out to the floor early, Omega tries to fly, but the Bear trips him up. Omega ends up hammer the bear with a huge dropkick through the ropes. The referee kicks the bear out. Cody with a nasty release german suplex. Cody sets up Omega in the corner, looks like he's going for Goldust's shattered dreams, but stops and gives the crowd the middle finger.

Crowd sounds like they are 70/30 (maybe 60/40) for Kenny. Cody locks in a leg submission, Kenny gets to the ropes and Brandi slaps Omega in the face. Rhodes gets something thrown to him, the referee obviously saw that and took it away immediately. As he did, Cody just kicks Omega right between the legs. Omega on the outside, Brandi with a kick to Omega stomach and walks right over his back. The referee keeps kind of catching Brandi, might toss her out soon.

Cody getting into it with the fans, flicking them off, and yelling. He yells at a woman, takes a guy's drink, has some, and spits it up in the air towards the group. Cody pretty dominant thus far in the match, Omega tries to get in some offense, but Cody keeps stopping it. Omega drives Cody into the mat, second rope moonsault, knees up. Omega with a hurricanrana sending Cody to the floor. Omega takes to the skies and wipes out Cody on the floor.

Action back in the ring, brainbuster by Omega, tries for a v-trigger, Cody stops the first, but not the second. Couple counters from both wrestlers, snap dragon suplex and another by Omega. Tries for a third, disaster kick by Cody, cover, two. V-trigger to Cody in the corner, tries for one winged angel, Cody counters and gets a figure-four locked in, Omega reverses it, Cody returns the favor and it gets broken up.

Cody heads out to the floor and grabs a table, setting it up on the floor. Both wrestlers on the apron, Cody tries for cross rhodes off the apron down through the table. Cody then tries for a piledriver, no, Omega fights back, hits a full nelson suplex on the apron. Omega gets the table but leaves it sideways, Cody with a release suplex, dropping Omega ribs right over the edge. Back in the ring, Cody with a springboard dropkick, followed up with an alabama slam. Brandi helps Cody move another table on the floor. Back in the ring, back and forth strikes.

Brandi up on the apron, Kenny tries for a v-trigger, Cody dodges it and it hits Brandi sending her straight through the table. Omega goes out to check on Brandi. Comes back in the ring, Cody hits cross rhodes! 1-2-no! Crowd popped big for that one. Flip Gordon comes out and helps bring Brandi to the back. Commentary noting there's been something going on between them on Being the Elite.

Omega and Cody standing on the top rope and lands a massive superplex. Cody takes the weightlifting belt off, slaps Omega with it. He goes up top for a moonsault, nobody home. Big knees by Omega, Cody throws the ref in front of him, spits in his face, tries for an eye poke, another knee! V-trigger! 1-2-No! Wow. Kenny hits another v-trigger, one winged angel, nope. Vertebreaker by Cody, cover, two count.

Cody tries for a cross rhodes, no, both wrestlers gets shoved to the corner and they smash the referee. Double cross body and now all three guys are down. Out from the back comes The Young Bucks. They get in the ring and look to be talking about something. Bucks are sizing up Kenny and then now Cody. Superkicks to Cody, but he ducks and they hit Omega by mistake! Cody with cross rhodes, ref wakes up, cover, a very slow 1-2-3.

Winner: Cody via Pinfall

- Post-match, Young Bucks check on Omega while Cody puts on his ring of honor and heads off. Omega shoves Matt and Nick away as he's helped away.

Dalton Castle (c) vs. Marty Scurll (ROH World Championship)

Plenty of mind games early, Scurll getting the best of Castle. Castle digs into his trunks and pulls out a middle finger for Scurll who tries to grab and snap it. Scurll goes out and grabs his umbrella, he ends up putting it in the corner of the ring himself and they continue wrestling. Castle with a nice deadlift supex. Action ends up on the floor, Scurll beating Castle up out there and chases The Boys around the ring. Castle with a little bit of blood coming from his nose. Scurll plants Castle's arm and stomps it.

Castle continues to throw Scurll around, but the challenger continues to fight back. Tornado DDT off the apron to the floor on Castle. Action back in the ring, Scurll put on the second rope, Castle follows up and tries for a suplex, but Scurll slips out of it, slap to the face. Scurll hops up to the top rope and hits a superplex on Castle. Castle out to the floor, superkick from the apron.

Castle and Scurll make their way near the ramp, Castle charges and gets back body dropped on the stage steps. Both move back to the ring, Scurll works the wrist and jams Castle's shoulder into the turnbuckle. NWA Champion Nick Aldis is sitting at ringside and ended up handing something to Scurll, they look like scissors and Scurll ends up cutting away the turnbuckle pad.

Castle with a deadlift german suplex bridge, two-count. Both men up on the turnbuckle where Scurll cut away the padding. Castle trying for a super german suplex, Scurll with a lowblow, and a jumping kick. Scurll with a kick to the back of the head, cover, two. Scurll out on the floor and he's looking under the ring for something, doesn't come out with anything. Castle finally charges in and slams Scurll on the mat.

Scurll finds his bag of tricks, powder that ends up getting kicked right in his face. Castle goes to charge in, ref stops him to check on a blinded Scurll who snaps the refs fingers twice. Bang-a-rang lands, ref with a count and he has to stop at one because of the pain! Scurll grabs his umbrella and whacks everyone he can find, over and over on Castle. Scurll drops Castle and out comes a new referee for the count, 1-2-no. Scurll tries for crossface chicken wing, back elbow by Castle. Bunch of counters, crossface chicken wing is locked in. Castle rolls and stands up, then slams Scurll flat on the mat. Scurll pops back up and locks it in again!

Castle tries to grab the rope and Scurll takes it and snaps it. Stomps to the back of Castle head over and over again. Referee demanding Castle answer him, which he does. Castle gets up and hits bang-a-rang out of nowhere, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Dalton Castle via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Championship


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