WWE GRR: Samoe Joe Vs. The Miz Vs. Finn Balor Vs. Seth Rollins (Intercontinental Title Ladder Match)

Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title: Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Seth Rollins

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. We see ladders sitting around the entrance as Rollins marches down the large ramp. Samoa Joe is out next as we see the title being raised above the ring. Out next comes The Miz as the pyro goes off. Finn Balor is out last.

The bell rings and everyone trades looks. Miz attacks Balor while Rollins unloads on Joe in the corner. Balor with a basement dropkick to Miz. Joe with a splash and an enziguri to Balor in the corner. Joe runs into a boot from Rollins as does Miz. Rollins with a double Blockbuster to Miz and Joe. Balor blocks a knee from Rollins but Rollins gets the upperhand and sends him out to the floor. Rollins runs the ropes and sends Balor over the Arabic announce table with a dive. Rollins goes back in and delivers another dive out the other side, taking down Miz.

Rollins grabs a ladder but Joe wants it. Miz and Rollins take the ladder from Joe and double team him with it. Balor runs the ropes and nails a dive, taking Rollins and Miz down on the floor. Joe nails Balor with a ladder and he's the only one standing now. Joe brings the ladder into the ring but in comes Rollins. Rollins works on Joe but Joe drops him face-first onto the ladder. Balor comes in but Joe chops him and keeps control. Joe with a running knee to the face while Balor is down in the corner. Joe looks to powerbomb Balor on the ladder but Balor drops him onto it. Balor with another thick shot that causes Joe to roll out to the floor for a breather.

Miz stops Balor from climbing. Rollins comes in and ends up taking Miz down. Rollins positions the ladder and climbs up but Balor stops him and climbs up. Rollins pulls Balor back to the mat. Balor climbs up the other side and they trade shots. Miz and Joe come over on each side and take Balor and Rollins down. Joe stares Miz down now. Miz proposes they team up. Miz offers his hand for a shake. Joe shakes but pulls Miz in and drops him with a shoulder. Joe stands the ladder up now. Joe uses the ladder on Rollins instead and then slams Balor onto it.

Joe launches Rollins back-first into the ladder. Joe rams the ladder into Miz and he goes to the floor. Balor with a Slingblade and a corner dropkick to Joe into the ladder, which falls on top of Joe. Balor goes to the top for a Coup de Grace on top of Joe and the ladder. Rollins runs up instead and looks to go for a superplex. Miz comes over but Joe sends him out. Joe brings Balor and Rollins to the mat with a big superplex. Joe goes under the ring for another ladder. Joe goes to stand the ladder up but Miz drops him. Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale into the ladder. Miz is all alone in the ring now.

Miz stands the ladder up and starts climbing. Rollins runs up the other side and stops him. Miz fights back. Miz knocks Rollins to the floor but now Balor runs up and fights with him. They both go back to the mat. Miz takes Balor out. Rollins climbs up but Miz pushes the ladder over. Miz drops Rollins with a big DDT. Miz rams Rollins with a ladder now. Fans chant "this is awesome" for Miz as he keeps control. Balor charges but Miz floors him with the ladder. Miz with more ladder shots. Rollins gets sent out and into the Arabic announce table again. Balor drops Miz with a kick and he lands on a ladder. Balor goes up and hits Coup de Grace on Miz and the ladder. Miz rolls to the floor for a breather. Balor stands the ladder up and climbs.

Joe runs in and stops Balor. They go at it. Balor drops Joe with the overhead kick. Balor climbs but Joe pulls him down and goes for the Coquina Clutch. Balor escapes and nails a double stomp. Balor ends up on Joe's shoulders but slides out. Joe drops Balor with the Uranage. Balor comes back and climbs up for the title but Rollins springboards up out of nowhere from the apron, lands on the ladder and grabs the title, falling to the mat for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the bell, Balor is left on top of the ladder, looking shocked at how Rollins came out of nowhere to grab the title. Joe backs up the ramp while Miz is down on the floor. We go to replays. We come back to Rollins celebrating as his music plays. Balor is bleeding from above his eye.

This is from our live coverage of WWE Greatest Royal Rumble. To access our full WWE Greatest Royal Rumble coverage, click here.


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