Becky Lynch Ribbed Backstage At SmackDown Live (Photo), Kevin Owens' Dog Undergoes Emergency Surgery

- The backstage environment in WWE is often compared to a family atmosphere and just like in any family sometimes it's fun to play a prank or two. Often known as "ribbing" someone backstage, these shenanigans can sometimes delve into the crueler side of humanity but luckily for Becky Lynch it was all in good fun.

Renee Young and Paige noticed The Lass Kicker's bag was pretty big and figured out a clever little trick to play on the first-ever SmackDown Women's Champion. Paige said she attempted to fit inside Lynch's suitcase first but when Renee Young tried she was a perfect size. All it took was Becky Lynch opening up her bag to discover Renee Young in a fetal position to give this joke a great payoff.


- Kevin Owens is a pretty smart guy and he knows how to get attention. But right now he's dealing with an unfortunate situation because he says one of his beloved animals is sick.

Owens recently announced proudly the only reason he wanted to be verified on Twitter was so he could request a song from Shania Twain when he sees her in Montreal next week. It looks like he's keeping up this tactic by drawing as much sympathy as possible. After all, Owens really wants to hear Twain sing "When" in concert.

Owens said he is leaving for South Carolina today to pick up his dog who just had to get an emergency surgery done because they realized his back legs were paralyzed. This is awful and we really hope Kevin Owens' dog is okay but you'll be quick to notice how he was able to spin this sad story into another song request.


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