Hardy Boyz Talk Jeff Hardy's DWI, Jeff Attending Counseling, Vince McMahon Final Deletion Reaction

The Hardy Boyz were recently the subject of the WWE Network's docuseries entitled WWE 24. Among many other things, Matt and Jeff Hardy discussed WWE's foray into the Woken/Broken Universe with Ultimate Deletion. Also, the Hardy Bros. talked about Jeff's recent DWI.

According to Matt, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon watched Impact Wrestling's Final Deletion. While the romp did not seem to be in line with McMahon's tastes, he praised Matt for taking chances.

"I think Vince watched some of the Final Deletion, which is funny." Matt continued, [imitating McMahon] "'What is this? Jesus Christ!' But he said he was very proud that we took those chances. What a compliment coming from him."

Matt claimed he was happy with the final product of The Ultimate Deletion.

"I've been thinking about this moment, being at the Hardy compound, doing a Woken Universe/Broken Universe fight." Matt admitted, "every since WrestleMania 33, actually, probably since I signed a few weeks before that. There was certainly a lot of pressure on myself and there was just, like, it was just a very stressful situation. I'd worked so hard for it and I just wanted it to be good. So I can say with confidence that it was a success and I was happy. It was a good start, a good launching pad." 

On the subject of Ultimate Deletion, Jeff said he hopes to be a part of future matches at the Hardy compound.

"Watching the Ultimate Deletion, was kind of tough for me because I wanted to be involved so bad." Jeff added, "hopefully, this one goes extremely well and there will be more to come and I can be more involved, naturally." 

Also during the documentary, Jeff talked about his recent DWI. Apparently, 'The Charismatic Enigma' has been to counselling and he is determined to get his life together.   

"I wrecked my car because I was drinking and driving. And it sucks. Here I am with this great momentum, as far as the Hardy Boyz are back in WWE. I mean, everything's perfect, but it's not." Jeff said, "I'm going to counseling two times a week. I'm going to be alright. I just have to own it and block out all of that negativity, even within my mind. And I'll live with that from here on out. I've got a lot of making up to do and I will." 

Matt acknowledged that he was very upset about Jeff's DWI and that he still has concerns about his 'Brother Nero'.  

"I didn't talk to him for over 24 hours. I was just very mad. Sometimes, Jeff still worries me. I think as far as, like, pills and drugs, he's all good. But sometimes he can't get out of his own head." Matt explained, "really when it's all said and done, he's my brother and I want him to be healthy. And I want him to be safe. And I want him to be good, but I just... maybe this is the thing that helps him get everything in check." 
Green beans are a delicacy! If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit WWE Network's WWE 24 with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: WWE Network's WWE 24


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