- Above, Killer Kross explained why he's been attacking people backstage over the past few weeks after revealing himself on last week's show. Kross talked about fear and how it should be used a lot more these days.

"The big question that everybody was asking was "why?" the answer was simply "why not?", but that wasn't enough for some people," Kross said. "There is no nicely framed narrative, there is no continuity in this universe. There is only mayhem. I have come to exercise a little bit of fear. I want to turn this business upside down and I want to dive bomb it on its head and see where the pieces fall. Because I am the new beginning."

- Although this match was announced awhile back, Impact Knockouts Champion Su Yung will face Madison Rayne at Slammiversary on July 22. On tonight's episode of Impact, Rayne said she was told if she defeated Taya Valkyrie on tonight's show she would get that shot against Yung. Rayne would get the pinfall victory over Valkyrie.

- Next week, Impact X Division Champion Matt Sydal will take on Dezmond Xavier in a non-title match.