Vickie Guerrero On Wanting WWE To Name A Tournament After Eddie Guerrero

Vickie Guerrero spoke with The Roman Show on writing a book on her life, using some of Eddie's mannerisms when she was in the ring, and WWE naming a tournament after Eddie. Here are some of the highlights:

WWE naming a tournament after Eddie Guerrero:

"I always dream about that. Me and the girls we always talk about If Eddie could be relived they'd have a tournament someway, but it never is too late am hoping that if WWE is watching or listening am hoping that, we'd love to see Eddie have his own tournament named."

Her opinion of wrestling early on and using some of Eddie's mannerisms once she got in the ring:

"No, I wouldn't train with him. He would scare me. I watched him at the house do his promos in the mirror and watching him every night when he was on TV. I think his mannerism and habits rubbed off on me. Every time I was in the ring, I always pictured Eddie in the ring with me, so I knew it wasn't about myself."

Writing a book about her life with Eddie and being a WWE Superstar:

"Honestly, I am writing a book right now about my life with Eddie, I hated wrestling when I dated him. ... I never liked wrestling. I said, 'If you can change, that would be great,' but of course the sport grew on me, I started gaining a lot of respect for the wrestling industry and I was hooked."

Guerrero also discussed working with Teddy Long in WWE and the Guerrero family working with original GLOW wrestling promotion and recent Netflix series. You can check out the full interview in the video above or read highlights by clicking here.


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