Another Big Sign That Matt Riddle Could Be Heading To WWE

As noted, there has been speculation that Matt Riddle may be WWE bound. He pulled out of his weekend bookings during SummerSlam weekend, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla announced tonight that he has pulled out of this year's Battle Of Los Angeles event on September 14, 15 and 16 from the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Riddle has an 8-3 record in MMA. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt failed two drug tests for marijuana in 2013 and was released from UFC. Triple H admitted during a media conference call in January of 2017 that the failures had affected their decision to sign him. Riddle spoke with The Irish Mirror last year and discussed not being signed by WWE.

"I think the reason I was fired from the UFC [failing two drug tests within a year] is probably holding me back from signing for WWE," Riddle admitted. "But at the same time the fact I'm not a UFC fighter or a WWE Superstar isn't exactly 'holding me back', it's given me opportunities."


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