Braun Strowman Checks Item Off Bucket List (Photos), NFL Player Visits WWE PC, Cesaro Games

- Above is the latest Clash with Cesaro where the WWE Superstar tried out new fan decks and talks about rumors of new cards coming to the game.

- San Francisco 49ers player, Earl Mitchell, visited the WWE Performance Center over the weekend to observe the latest tryouts at the facility. On his Instagram, Mitchell wrote:

"Learning the ins and outs of talent recruiting for WWE NXT & proudly accomplishing some childhood dreams while meeting some of the greatest performers in the world."

- It looks like the "Monster Among Men" has a soft spot for holding cubs, which is exactly what he got to do this weekend while in Rapid City, South Dakota. Below, Strowman took photos with a Bear, Mountain Lion, and Timber Wolf.

"So, checked some stuff off my bucket list today! Big thank you to the awesome folks at Bear Country USA for letting me be a giant kid today!"


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