Impact Slammiversary XVI Results: Austin Aries Vs. Moose, Hair Vs. Mask Match, Knockouts

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- Opening vignette recaps all of tonight's matches as we see quick interviews from multiple wrestlers.

Johnny Impact vs. Taiji Ishimori vs. Fenix vs. Petey Williams

Chaotic start, Ishimori with a springboard hurricanrana that sends Fenix out of the ring. Impact and Ishimori face off as the crowd gives a "Welcome back" to both guys. Impact tries for standing moonsault, nobody home, Ishimori gives it a shot too and lands on his feet. Running knee smacks Ishimori right in the face, Impact tries for a moonsault, lands on his feet as Fenix runs in. He does a little taunting as hits a back handspring off the ropes. Fenix dances on the ropes a bit, Impact goes up to the second, Fenix bounces up and hits a hurricanrana sending him down to the mat!

Williams in there against Fenix, big chops by Fenix. Williams drops Fenix, goes for a cover, two-count. Ishimori in there now, but Williams gets Ishimori in the tree of woe and hits a superkick to the leg. Another pin attempt, Fenix drops in to break that up. Ishimori tries for a suicide dive, Impact catches him with a kick, but Williams with a top rope hurricanrana that takes out Impact. Fenix with a flip over the top rope, dropping both Impact and Williams. Ishimori is the last guy in the ring hits a golden moonsault taking out all three guys.

Action back in the ring, multiple guys caught up in the corner, powerbomb/samoan drop combo, Fenix with a nice missile dropkick on Impact. Ishimori with a crazy tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Fenix. Williams tries for a canadian destroyer on Ishimori, no, goes right into a sharpshooter, but breaks the hold to stop Impact. Tries for another canadian destroyer, Impact with a swinging neckbreak, pin, Fenix with a boot to the forehead of Impact to stop that count. Fenix with a sick rolling cutter from the apron into the ring, cover, Ishimori breaks up the pin.

Ishimori and Fenix in the ring, running knees in the corner on Fenix. Double knees to Fenix's chest, cover, Williams rushes in to stop that. Superkick party that eventually drops everyone in the ring. Impact gets planted by Ishimori, he heads up and hits the 450 splash, Williams hits the canadian destroyed on Ishimori, Fenix with a springboard double stomp on Williams, cover, 1-2! Fenix tries for a muscle buster, Impact with a superkick, hits starship pain on Fenix, cover, 1-2-3. Great opener from these four.

Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall

- OGz Lair, Homicide and Hernandez getting ready for their match, Homicide says he's sick of Konnan and his empire. The King shows up and tells them to keep feeding that fire, he said they are the ones who deserve the empire, not Ortiz and Santana. Tonight, they will make LAX cry tears of blood. He says after win, they will take that LAX name and burn it, OGz will rise up.

- Clips of Tessa Blanchard are shown, Blanchard says she's going to run over the women's division, despite Madison Rayne putting a wrench in her plans. Allie says she gets there's issues between Tessa and Madison, but that's no excuse to just attack someone, she's not going to sit by and let that happen. Blanchard says she's going to make Allie think twice about getting in her business. Allie talks about what happened with Rosemary and after all of that Allie has come out the other side fearless.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Allie

The two do a bit of trash talking in the middle of the ring until Tessa pie faces Allie. Allie kicks Tess down and rolls through her. Allie with a chop, but gets sent into the second rope, Tessa charges in, misses, Allie tries the same, misses. Tessa pulls Allie out on the apron and lands a bunch of clubbing blows. She tries for a leg drop on the apron, nope. Allie heads up to the second rope and nails a rough looking crossbody on Tessa.

Allie gets sent into the ring post, takes until 8 to get back into the ring. Tessa with a bunch of strikes on the grounded Allie. Crowd boos. Tessa sends Allie into the second rope, running dropkick, cover, two. Tess looks for a side suplex, no, Allie with a suplex of her own, goes for a superkick, gets caught, tripped, and Tessa starts to work the knee. Both out on the floor as Allie swings away on Blanchard, Allie hits a death valley driver on the floor! Ref starts up his 10-count and it takes until 9 for both wrestlers to get back in the ring.

Back and forth strikes in the middle of the ring. Allie with a lung blower, cover, two. Allie charges into the corner, nobody home, Tessa with a pop to Allie's mug. Allie stuck in the corner, but is able to fight back. Both on the second rope, Tessa up to the top rope, hits a hurricanrana that pretty much dropped Allie on her neck, ouch. Allie kicks out of a cover, tries for one of her own, no, Tessa with a cover, no! Allie with a superkick that lands flush, pin, nope! Allie trying to pick Tessa up and does so, Tessa gets back to her feet, hammerlock DDT hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall

- Backstage, Alicia Atout talks with Moose and asks him about his upcoming title match. Moose says tonight every bone that he broke and mile that he drove will pay off tonight. Moose says he feels good, looks good, and tonight he plans on kicking Aries up, down, and around that ring.

- Recap of Eddie Edwards feuding with Sami Callihan that eventually turned into Edwards going against Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Eddie Edwards (House of Hardcore Match)

Fighting instantly begins, both end up on the floor, Dreamer with a suplex on Edwards grabs a fan's drink, smacks Edwards with it and has a sip. Cookie tray to Edwards' dome. Edwards in the ring, looks for a suicide dive and meets a garbage can to the face. Crowd with a "Tommy Dreamer!" chant, live crowd has been great for the first three matches. Edwards tosses Dreamer into the ring post. Edwards brings out a staple gun and tries to staple Dreamer's forehead, gets kicked by Dreamer and no Dreamer has it. He tries to do the same, no luck. Edwards tries for a sunset flip, Dream catches his balance and staples Edwards right in the forehead.

Edwards forehead busted open. Dreamer takes the ECW Championship from the crowd and smacks Edwards with it! Edwards is able to recover and drop Dreamer, who ends up in the ring with a chair. Edwards grabs a kendo stick and smacks Dreamer in the legs. Dreamer counters and drops Edwards, taking the kendo stick for his own.

Dreamer whacks Edwards a couple times with it. Edwards yells "Do it!" and gets another to the face. Dreamer sets to chairs up, puts Edwards on them, goes up top, but Edwards hits him in the knee with the kendo stick. Edwards is yelling at the fans, "You'll be next!" Edwards goes up top and gets lowblowed, Dreamer with a spicolli driver through the chairs! Goes for the cover, two. Dreamer brings not only a table, but lighter fluid into the ring.

Dreamer goes to light it, but Edwards hits a lowblow. Edwards sets up a chair, hits the boston knee party sending the chair into Dreamer, pin, 1-2-3. Crowd boos heavily not only because Edwards won, but they didn't get to see a fiery table.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall

- Post-match, Edwards goes to hit Dreamer with a kendo stick, but decides to help him up. Dreamer gets a kendo stick and holds out his hand. He doesn't want to, but his wife Alisha Edwards comes out and tells him to shake his hand. He does, points the kendo stick to Edwards, hands it off (like a passing of the torch), and Alisha heads to the back by herself.

- Backstage, Matt Sydal says since his match with Brian Cage was made official he's been bombarded with messages asking about his safety. He's so glad people are here for what they think is going to be a slaughter, but they aren't looking at things through their third eye. He says sees through Cage's shell and no matter how big his muscles are, he's not using his biggest one, his mind.

Matt Sydal (c) vs. Brian Cage (Impact X Division Championship)

Cage goes to work early with a lariat, scoop slam, standing moonsault, cover, two. "I can flip too!" Cage yells. Sydal recovers, lands some kicks, Sydal looks for some punches in the turnbuckle and gets dumped out to the floor. Cage throws him into the barricade, dumps Sydal on the apron, and heads up to the top. Sydal trips him up though, running dropkick, Cage back out on the floor. Sydal on the apron, double knees down to the floor.

Both in the ring, Sydal continues to work on Cage's knee. Cage with a gorilla press, Sydal tries to flip him out of the ring and ends up just choking him until the count of four. Sydal with some taunting on the apron. Sydal back in the ring, tries for a standing moonsault, Cage catches him, lifts and plants him on the mat. Cage goes for a hurricanrana, Sydal counters with a powerbomb! Cover, two. Cage with a powerbomb, Sydal slides out, kicks to the legs and head. Swinging neckbreaker, cover, two. Sydal heads up to the top, shooting star press, lands on his feet, discus lariat lands on Sydal, cover, two.

Cage looks to finish this with drill claw, but Sydal hits a snap hurricanrana, cover, two! Very clean sequence right there, really good match we're seeing here. Sydal looks to fly again, but Cage catches him in midair, tries for drill claw, countered into a pin, two. Knee to the jaw by Sydal, goes up top, hits the ropes as he goes for it! Drill claw by Brian Cage, cover, new champion!

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall to win the Impact X Division Championship

- Backstage, Alicia speaks with Impact World Champion Austin Aries who says Moose keeps saying this is his dream, well wrestling is Aries' reality. He's going to remain the champ, despite all of Moose hard work. Aries finishes by wondering what Moose will do for his third career choice. Boom! Roasted!

Su Yung (c) vs. Madison Rayne (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Yung is carried out to the ring in a coffin by her undead bridesmaids. Rayne charges Yung out on the stage and gets the early momentum. Things are looking good, but some of Yung's cronies start to head out to the ring. Rayne with a northern lights suplex on Yung and has to drop two of the bridesmaids. Action back in the ring, Yung able to hit a hanging neckbreaker on Rayne and swings wildly on the challenger.

Yung puts Rayne in a tree of woe and just kicks away at her back. Yung with a running dropkick to the midsection. Crowd with a "Su Yung!" chant. Rayne gets held by one of the bridesmaids, Yung spits mist and hits her buddy. Rayne with a sliding clothesline, cover, two. Yung able to fight back, pulls out that nasty glove, Rayne hits the ripcord cutter, cover, two-count. Rayne hits the Rayne Drop, cover, and Yung kicks out. Rayne looks surprised by this, as Rayne lifts up the champion, Yung locks in the mandible claw and Rayne is fading, fading, and the ref calls it!

Winner: Su Yung via Ref Stoppage

- Post-match, Yung rolls Rayne towards the coffin and puts her in it. Yung then stands on it with the title as she semi-headbangs to her music.

- LAX Lair, Ortiz, Santana, and Konnan talk about the plan for tonight's match. Konnan is tired of the OGz saying LAX's days are numbered.

LAX vs. OGz (5150 Street Fight for the Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Cool entrances from both teams, OGz comes out from a different side of the ring while LAX came out through the crowd. Hernandez immediately drops both guys, tries for the border toss, Santana fights out of it and they send him out to the floor. Santana with a springboard dropkick that sends Homicide to the floor. Santana with a flip to the outside, dropping Homicide to the floor. Weapons are *all* over the place. LAX puts tables in the corners as Hernandez and Homicide are on the outside finding weapons for themselves. More tables being setup on the floor. Cookie trays are getting destroyed as everyone is getting whacked by them.

Hernandez goes flying over the top rope and clears out LAX, the shirt has been ripped off! Drain-O has made its way into the match. Ortiz gets a garbage can launched down on him from the ring to the floor. Santana with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Homicide. The fight is moving out to the ramp Homicide gets thrown into the barricade. Santana fights off both OGz. Santana runs in and gets back dropped into the ring.

LAX looks for a top rope move, Santana ends up jumping down on Herandez, gets caught and powerbombed. A ladder is introduced into the match, they lay Hernandez it rolling senton, moonsault/leg drop combo. Herandnez out on the floor, may have gotten caught in the boys on that move. LAX nearly retain the title Hernandez break it up, Ortiz goes for a suicide dive, Hernandez tosses Ortiz over the guardrail. Hernandez with a pounce on Santana. Homicide with a cannonball to the outside, blasting through Santana and a table!

Death valley driver by Ortiz on Homicide through a table in the corner of the ring. Crowd calling for one more of them. Hernandez stops it though, kick, border toss through the table. He taunts a bit, but ate a hard superkick, Santana with a cannonball in the corner. This is a chaotic mess of a match, but a lot of fun. Back and forth strikes between Homicide and Santana.

Konnan up on the apron now, Homicide looks to finishes off Santana. Homicide spits at Konnan, Konnan grabs homicide, tosses a bag to Santana, he throws some tacks on Homicide, drops him down, frog splash by Santana, cover, and that will do it!

Winner: LAX wins via Pinfall to retain the Impact World Tag Team Titles

- Post-match, The King knocks out Santana and Ortiz with a billiard ball in a sock, he then knocks out Konnan. They deface the titles with "OG" written on them.

- Creepy Cam, Sami Callihan says social media thinks he's going to lose his hair tonight against Pentagon Jr. Callihan continues Pentagon Jr. says losing your mask or hair is how things get done where's he from, but Callihan says where he's from it's about blood and violence.

Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan (Hair vs. Mask Match)

Back and forth superkicks to get us started! Pentagon with a slingblade, Callihan opens up his vest and demands Pentagon chop him, he obliges. Callihan rolls out of the ring for a moment and zips up his vest. More chops out on the floor, both miss and chop the ring post. Pentagon with a slap to the face! Mathews saying the rules in this match are very relaxed. Both wrestlers on the apron, Pentagon kicks him to the floor, goes for a suicide dive and runs right into a chairshot.

Crowd *really* doesn't like Callihan in this match. Callihan grabs two small metal spikes and brings them into the ring. He's ripping the mask of Pentagon and hits him with the spikes over and over in the head and digs at him. Pentagon's mask is tied to the rope now, looks like he's bleeding a bit from the spikes. Callihan grabs his bat and charges, Pentagon kicks away at him, frees himself, lung blower, and grabs the spikes himself. He clangs them together a couple times. Pentagon taps one into Callihan's head, takes the bat and taps the spike into Callihan's head! Now both have spikes and they are jabbing each other in the head! Ahhh!

They both sit down in chairs and punch away at each other, now they grabs the chairs and swing away at each other until both fall to the mat. "Fight forever!" from the crowd as these two are a bloody mess. Superkicks by Pentagon, lung blower hits, cover, two. Pentagon looks to snap Callihan's arm as the crowd says "Break his arm! Callihan counters. The Crist Brothers try to jump Pentagon, but both gets chairs to the face. Callihan throws some powder in Pentagon's eyes and he smacks the ref!

He can't see and snaps the ref's arm, oh no! Pentagon Driver on Callihan, but nobody is there to count. Callihan drops Pentagon, still nobody, Ref Riley finally shows up for the count, but Pentagon is able to kick out. Callihan sets up four chairs next to each other in the middle of the ring. He climbs up them with Pentagon, gets poked in the eye, package piledriver, cover, and NO! He kicked out! Sami spits at Pentagon, Pentagon snaps the arm, another package piledriver, cover, and this madness is finally over, I'm spent.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. via Pinfall (Sami Callihan will get his head shaved)

- Post-match, Pentagon goes to clip some hair, but both Crist Brothers show up to stop it from happening. Callihan is able to run away, but Fenix (and security) shows up to make this happen. Pentagon clips off Callihan's hair and shaves his head. Crowd with a "Shave his beard!" chant, "No!" Callihan yells.

- Impact announced Bound For Glory will be on October 14 in New York City.

Austin Aries (c) vs. Moose (Impact World Championship)

Back and forth action early on, some taunting by the Champion. Moose tosses Aries into the corner, catches him up in his shoulder, Aries with an arm drag. Aries pops out of a submission by Moose, dropkick, taunts as Moose kip-ups. "That's all you got Aries? You're in for a long night!" Moose gets some big strikes and a massive chop in the corner. Aries heads out to the floor and does a Flair flop. Aries then tries to send Moose into the barricade, reversal and Aries gets flipped into the barricade. Moose then goes for a crossbody, nobody home and goes into the crowd.

Aries with some chops, each time Moose does the "Moose" taunt. "Is that all you got?" Moose yells. Aries goes for another and pokes Moose in the eye. Moose with a headbutt and hits rapid fire chops in the corner, running dropkick in the corner, then a low dropkick, cover, two-count. Moose lawn darts Aries in the corner, hits the go to hell powerbomb, cover, two.

Aries hits a nice crucifix bomb on Moose, sending the challenger out to the floor. Aries goes for a suicide dive and gets clocked by a huge forearm. Moose goes in for a spear and it's countered into last chancery in the center of the ring. Moose slowly crawls to the ropes and gets there to break the hold. Both on the apron, headbutt to Aries, but Aries lands a death valley driver on the apron and crumples to the floor. Moose is back up and Aries lands a suicide dive that hits clean. Ref gets pulled in front of him as Moose charges, while the ref is dazed, lowblow by Aries. Moose able to hit a spear, but Aries grabs the bottom rope to stop that.

Both on the stage, fighting back and forth, Moose picks up and tosses Aries down on a bunch of security guys, lol. More fighting on the stage, Aries launches double knees into Moose, then hits a brainbuster out on the floor. The referee gets to 9 before Moose gets back in the ring. Aries with a kick to the head, Aries grabs the title, Curtis Granderson grabs the title from Aries, Moose with a school boy, two. Aries with another kick to the head, brainbuster, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Austin Aries via Pinfall to retain the Impact World Championship

- Post-match, Granderson hands the title Aries, Aries tells him to hit the bricks, celebrates a bit and heads to the back.


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