Impact Wrestling Results (7/19): Last Stop Before Slammiversary

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- On last week's show: The OG's sent a message to LAX. Austin Aries destroyed DeAngelo Williams with a chair. oVe and Sami Callihan were victorious over Pentagon Jr, Rich Swann, and Fenix in the main event, but Madison Rayne's hellish journey through a nightmare created by Su Yung capped off the broadcast.

Petey Williams vs Killer Kross

Petey tried to use his offense against Kross but Killer no-sold everything. Williams laid in a forearm or two but Kross just tossed him across the ring.

Kross' chest was red from the chops that Williams laid in, but he didn't appear to feel it. Petey tried to hit Kross, but he trapped Williams' fist in-between his chin and his shoulder. Then Kross hit another throw across the ring.

Kross took a shoulder to the post and Petey dropkicked him and hit a codebreaker. Petey got some more offense in with a DDT. Kross soon hit another suplex and latched on a choke until Petey was unconscious. The referee didn't ring the bell because he was afraid of Kross. Then Killer invited Petey to try and hit the Canadian Destroyer. He reversed it just to prove a point and locked in the Kross Jacket once again for the win.

Winner: Killer Kross

- While they were in the middle of a photoshoot, Joe Hendry said he's got a surprise for Grado.

Desi Hit Squad vs KM and Fallah Bahh

Desi Hit Squad kept the advantage by using their tandem offense. They were both much quicker than Bahh and took control of the match and kept it that way.

Fallah Bahh smashed them against each other and tagged in KM who cleaned house. He almost got a pinfall off a splash but Rohit broke up the pinfall.

Bahh did the Panda Roll over both members of Desi Hit Squad and then KM rolled over them too. Then they both did it again and the crowd was eating it up.

Bahh got the tag and went for a splash but Rohit sent KM outside and knocked Bahh down. Then the Desi Hit Squad won with a roll-up pin with feet on the ropes.

Winners: Desi Hit Squad

- They aired a video hyping LAX's match against The OGs at Slammiversary.

Eli Drake vs Joe Hendry

If you've seen Hendry perform before then you're likely to recognize his theme song which he sings of course. The crowd chanted, "local hero" before Hendry started cutting a promo on Drake.

Then they aired a music video of Hendry singing a song on Drake. It focused on how Drake dressed up. Eli thanked Joe for plugging his YouTube channel and proceeded to stomp him.

Hendry came back with a suplex but missed a splash in the corner so Eli took advantage with a neckbreaker. Drake hit a leg drop with Joe across the ropes before pinning for a two count.

Joe mounted a comeback with some clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Then he followed with a DDT for a two count. Drake reversed a slam for one of his own.

Then Drake went for the Gravy Train, but Joe Hendry reversed into a schoolboy pin and got the three count. Everyone was pretty surprised but they celebrated anyway.

Winner: Joe Hendry

Andrew Everett vs Dezmond Xavier

Suddenly, Eddie Edwards rushed the ring and the wrestlers left but the referee got a beating with a Singapore cane. It doesn't look like this match is going to happen now.

Edwards cut a promo on Tommy Dreamer saying the time has come. It will happen at Slammiversary in a House Of Hardcore Match. However, Edwards didn't care about the stipulation. He said he will tell us what will happen... "pain Tommy, pain!" Eddie said there will be so much blood and it will be beautiful. Edwards said he'll make Tommy bleed. He said that a few times.

Then Dreamer will lay in a puddle of his own blood and Eddie will kneel down, touch his bloody face, feel his blood in his hands, taste his blood, and then at that moment Dreamer will look up and realize Edwards is the true Innovator Of Violence. "No you're not!" yelled a perfectly timed fan.

Edwards said he will be Dreamer's nightmare at Slammiversary. Then he made snow angels in the ring with nothing around him. "I just feel bad for him at this point," Josh Mathews said.

- They aired another one of the mini-movies where Madison Rayne is stuck in some nightmare created by Su Yung. Rayne was at a funeral home and she opened a casket and saw herself inside. Suddenly she was somewhere else and there was a creepy dude in white makeup saying her time has come.

Madison went running and busted through a door. A little girl asked her if she knew where her mommy was and she said no. Suddenly the little girl was in white makeup too and everything was scary. Then Madison was back in the middle of the field she was in last week.

From out of nowhere, Madison was drenched with what appeared to be blood. Dramatic music played and they used flashes of scary clowns and funeral parlors to build suspense. Suddenly, Su was behind Madison and scared her.

Greg Osbourne vs Sami Callihan

Callihan started out strong and then oVe gave him Penta's mask which he held up and taunted. Greg came back for a little comeback, but Sami quickly put a stop to things. Callihan hit the Cactus Driver and followed it with more offense.

Then Callihan put Pentagon's mask on Osbourne and got the microphone. He tried to get a Pentagon chant stated and screamed BS and kicked him in the head. He said he accepts the hair vs mask match at Slammiversary. He asked if fans wanted to see him lose his hair.

He asked Greg who was still wearing the Penta mask if he wanted to see him lose his hair. Then Callihan said he's gonna kill him, hit the Get Out Of Here ad got the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

- After the match was over, Callihan cut a promo on Penta. Then Pentagon J showed up on the screen and said at Slammiversary he will demonstrate to him why Impact is his house.

Shotzi Blackheart and Tessa Blanchard vs Allie and Kiera Hogan

Tessa was really playing up the heel aspect of her character. She wanted to fight Kiera by herself. Hogan retaliated and took Tessa out before taking some punishment to Shotzi too.

Tessa yelled at her partner not to mess this up for her. Shotzi took more abuse from Allie until Hogan took the tag. Tessa did some damage to Hogan on the outside before taking the tag. Tessa took Hogan down with a dropkick and they both tagged out again.

Allie caught Shotzi with a sliding forearm. Tessa got involved and took a superkick giving Shotzi a chance to turn things around. She took Allie down with some shots and a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Then Allie returned with a Superkick.

Blanchard jumped off the apron and refused to take the tag. "That's not my problem, that's your problem not," Tessa said. Then Allie hit Shotzi with a codebreaker for the win.

Winner: Allie and Kiera Hogan

- Callihan and oVe were looking for Pentagon backstage.

- They aired another promo for Scarlett Bordeaux. She will debut next week.

- oVe was backstage looking for Sami. Suddenly, they saw a dude in a Pentagon mask and they run to attack him but it's Sami in a Penta mask. Suddenly, Pentagon showed up behind them and started to torture them one by one while Callihan was tied to a chair.

Moose made his way to the ring. He said he's been away from the Impact Zone on purpose for the last few weeks so he could prepare for Slammiverary. He said if Aries thinks his mind games will work then he's been eating too many bananas. Moose said Aries should bring a banana with him so he can violate him with it too.

Moose was about to go backstage and get Aries. Then Austin showed up on the screen saying he was playing chess while Moose was playing checkers. He said he's one step ahead of Moose and he didn't need to go back because they didn't need a Moose on the loose.

Suddenly, Aries showed up behind Moose with a chair as the Aries on the screen said he needed to have eyes in the back of his head. Aries took Moose out with a chair once again. As he raised his title, Moose stood up and got his heat back by tossing Aries into the turnbuckle, but Aries avoided a chair shot as he scampered out of the ring.


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