Impact Wrestling Results (7/26): Slammiversary Rematch Headlines

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- On last week's episode: Everything was headed to Slammiversary with Austin Aries and Moose's feud building as Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr continued to torment each other. Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards' rivalry continued as well before their battle in Toronto. If you'd like to catch up on the Slammiversary results, click here.

- On this week's episode: Austin Aries has a Championship Address to deliver and Johnny Impact returns to Impact Wrestling after Slammiversary. Brian Cage is set to defend his newly won X-Division Title against Matt Sydal. We will also see the debut of Scarlett Bordeaux.

Austin Aries' Championship Announcement

Aries said people are saying Slammiversary was the best pay-per-view in the company's history. A Double said he and Moose delivered and gave fans what a professional wrestling match should be.

Aries said holding the Impact World Championship means he's the best in the world. Then he took a dig at WWE guys without saying WWE by talking about being in a bubble and reciting lines that were given to them. He said if you're outside the bubble then you can make a difference. Aries said he didn't care where people worked for, he invited all comers from any promotion.

Then Eddie Edwards jumped in the ring with a kendo stick and he caught A Double with a shot to the stomach and a double underhood DDT. Edwards put the kendo stick in his teeth and raised the Impact World Title in the air before leaving while Aries sold the assault.

Petey Williams vs Taiji Ishimori

The Bone Solider and The Canadian Destroyer traded some fast back and forth action until Petey landed a codebreaker to slow Ishimori down. He put Ishimori in the tree of woe and stood on him until he stepped off and Taiji fell to the canvas.

Taiji reversed a shot to the turnbuckle and slung around the ropes to hit a springboard seated splash to take control for a bit. Petey fought back for a bit but, Ishimori took over the offensive position once again and put Williams in a headlock.

Williams avoided a charge to the corner and hit a German suplex. He hit a tilt-a-whirl side-Russain legsweep and geared up for the Canadian Destroyer. Ishimori blocked Petey and hit a spingboard kick off the ropes for a two count.

Taiji hit a shotgun dropkick and landed the knees into Petey's face in the corner. Ishimori climbed to the top rope but missed a splash. They traded counters until Ishimori hit a move that drove his knees into Petey's chest from a tombstone position. 1-2-kickout!

Petey hit a powerbomb and Ishimori rolled through the Canadian Destroyer so Petey tried a sharpshooter and Taiji rolled him up for a two count. Then Ishimori hit a modiffied DDT for the win.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

After the match was over, they both hugged and celebrated until Desi Hit Squad hit the ring and destroyed both of them while Gahma Singh yelled orders from the apron.

- Anthony Carelli (aka Santino Marella) was backstage hyping the students he is training. Austin Aries walked up and told him he should leave. Carelli said he's not so much of a fan of A Double's anymore. Aries said he doesn't slap like a b*tch like other guys Carelli might have faced, but he could face him if he wanted to step up.

Carelli said he couldn't because of his neck issues, then Aries asked about the student next to Carelli. Carelli said that's not a good idea because he's just a student, then the student jumped at the chance and the match was set up. The student was happy about getting a title match (even though it wasn't announced as a title match), Carelli was just happy the student paid his tuition in advance.

Rebel vs Tessa Blanchard

Rebel started things out by trying to gain control, but Tessa just stomped on her during a sunset flip attempt. She draped Rebel in the ropes and kicked her for a two count. Rebel tried to score a schoolgirl pin, but Tessa kicked out. Rebel hit a frontface suplex with the splits for a two count.

Rebel climbed up top, but Blanchard stopped her and then she hit a hanging DDT before hitting the Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

- They aired a commercial for Bound For Glory which will take place October 14th.

Scarlette Bordeaux Debuts

Scarlette wants to be referred to as "The Smoke Show" and said we're in a historic time for women. We're in the middle of a revolution and she wants to be an inspiration for women while she was striking seductive poses. She said she wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe or Cardi B. "I will not be hot shamed" she said.

Then she turned full heel and called her interviewer a 5 and told her to sit down because a 10 was talking. She said she wanted to make wrestling sexy again, licked the microphone, and told them to hit her music before she left.

- They aired a promo for Pentagon Jr and he cut a promo on his Slammiversary match against Sami Callihan.

Trevor Lee vs Johnny Impact

These two started out quickly and Impact utilized an armdrag and kept the pressure on Lee's appendage before hitting a legsweep and a forearm to the face. Impact hit a flying kick off the ropes. Lee took advantage after a distraction from Caleb Konley. Trevor kept on the pressure and Impact sold for a bit. Lee got a two count and then took on Impact while posing for the crowd. Konley choked Impact while the ref's back was turned.

Lee hit some more stomps and posed again while Impact got to the corner. Impact baseball slid under the ropes to avoid Lee and hit a springboard move into the ring that leveled both competitors.

They got to their feet around the same time and traded shots in the ring for a bit. Impact gained control and hit a flying forearm in the corner and a springboard kick for another two count.

Konley interfered when Impact was counting down to impact and Lee hit a double stomp for a two count. Then Lee tried a German suplex but Impact fought out of it and landed on his feet once Lee pulled off the German suplex. Impact kicked Lee in the face, but Konley pulled Lee out of the ring before he could hit Starship Pain. So Impact turned around and hit a dive on both Lee and Konley to the floor.

Impact threw Lee back in and hit the Starship Pain for the win.

Winner: Johnny Impact

Impact got on the microphone after the match was over and said he can't begin to say how good it feels to be back in the Impact Zone. He said his goal is to become Impact Wrestling world champion, but he has business to take care of first.

He said he had to take time off to recover from the injuries he suffered from Kongo Kong. He mentioned how Jimmy Jacobs and Kong were talking trash about him while he was sitting at home (when he was really filming Survivor). Impact said he won't rest until he takes Kongo Kong to Slamtown.

- Allie was interviewed backstage and she gave Blanchard props for being so talented. Then Allie brought up what Su Yung did to Madison Rayne by stuffing her in a coffin and she said she should have been there. Allie said what happened to her, Rosemary, and Madison won't happen to anyone else. Then Allie made a promise to stop Yung. Kiera Hogan walked up and said she'll join Allie. "Su, your time has come," Allie said.

- They aired a throwback match of The Motorcity Machine Guns vs Generation Me (The Young Bucks) from No Surrender 2010. This match was for the TNA Tag Team Titles which Shelley and Sabin won to retain their titles.

- Grado, Katarina, and Joe Hendry were backstage and Katarina was obviously into Hendry. Eli Drake walked up and said they remind him of the Three Musketeers because it's all for one and one for all. Then he gave them all a gift. Grado opened it and it was a picture of Drake and Katarina that said "love." Hendry said it was a joke and they were going to put it in the bin right now.

- Fallah Bah and KM were backstage. KM said Bah needs to find his mean streak. He put sunglasses on Bah and put some gum in his mouth. KM asked if he felt the mean streak and Bah said he did. KM was abusing everyone they walked past. He said we're going to see that mean streak next week.

- Killer Kross had a promo where he described himself in a very sinister fashion.

- Meanwhile, in The OG's Clubhouse, King said he's not satisfied. He said he expected more out of LAX and he said you can win a million battles, but you have to win the war first. King said once you tag something it's yours forever. LAX, 5150 is dead and now it's OG's 730.

- oVe was in a bathroom somewhere trying to make Callihan feel better having a bald head. He does pull it off. Suddenly, Callihan attacked some random person with long hair while they were standing at the urinal. He attacked them and Jake Crist held the poor victim while Dave shaved him.

Matt Sydal vs Brian Cage - X Division Title Match

After an exchange, in the beginning, they moved outside where Sydal hit a kick from the apron and went for a running double knees but Cage caught him and launched the former X Division Champion against the ring post

Sydal took Cage's legs out from under him and hit a running kick in the corner while Cage was laying in the turnbuckle. Cage hit a rana and took Sydal out with a massive clothesline. Cage hit a pumphandle Samoan Drop for a two count and Sydal reversed Cage's next move and hit an inventive move for a two count.

Sydal hit a splash to Cage's back for another two count. Cage returned fire and hit a 6-1-9 for a two count. Sydal landed on his feet to counter a move from Cage and he kicked him in the face and hit a snap rana for a two 1/2 count.

Cage hit an F5 on Sydal and he kicked out. Sydal came back with a knee and a kick, but Cage hit the Drill Claw for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage


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