Jay Lethal Says He Wants His Second ROH Title Run To Be Longer Than His First

After winning the ROH World Championship for a second time, Jay Lethal spoke with Ring of Honor about his big win. Here are some of the highlights:

Winning the title for a second time and wanting to have a longer run than his first (427 days):

"It feels amazing. It means once again I'm at the top of my game because to have the Ring of Honor World Championship you're going to be operating at a higher level, a level that most people never reach. There's only a select few people that have been at that level twice. I plan on making this title reign way longer than my first title reign."

Winning the title for a second time and how it differs from the first time in 2015:

"When I won the championship the first time there was a lot of bragging. I was maybe a little overconfident, but I could back it up. Maybe had a few people in my ear, helping me think that way, being a little bit braggadocios. As to now, it's not overconfidence, I'm more comfortable and confident in my abilities - not over confident - but confident. That would probably be the biggest comparison between now and then. Just a little more trash talking before - while still backing it up - this time maybe all actions will be in the ring and a little less trash talking."

Lethal also discussed Dalton Castle as champion. You can check out the full interview in the video above or by clicking here.


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