Juice Robinson Talks How His Popular 'Broken Hand Promo' Happened

Juice Robinson wasn't happy in NXT as CJ Parker, so he left WWE and soon joined New Japan Pro Wrestling. Since arriving in NJPW, Juice has no plans to go anywhere else and he has a big title opportunity at the G1 Special in San Francisco against Jay White for the IWGP United States Title.

Robinson has been praised for his promo abilities on many occasions. He attended Dusty Rhodes' Wednesday morning promo classes while at the WWE Performance Center and took away many lessons. As he continues in New Japan, Robinson has the chance to use his promos to further stories and display his passion. Juice is able to relay his emotions in a unique fashion even after a loss.

"I do what I do best and that's f--king lose, I'm not a winner," Robinson said after Kizuna Road 2018. "I get lucky every once and a while and I catch somebody better than me in a tag match. That's the honest truth. All those guys that I've stepped in the ring with that are champions they've all showed you why they're champions and they've shown you why they're way better than me. Why they're way better than Juice Robinson.

"Now I get one more chance after I just lost to Goto less than a month ago I get another chance this time in San Francisco against Jay White for the US Championship. What happens? I break my hand, or he breaks my hand... my hand's broken alight. How am I gonna win a match with a broken hand? I can't even beat champions when I'm healthy and at 100%. How in the hell am I gonna beat Jay White if I can't even punch him in the face?

"I don't know, I'll probably lose in San Francisco to be honest with you just I've lost every f--king time the lights have been on bright and it's really mattered. Any time I've always just s--t the bed plain and simple. Just cough up a big L for Juice Robinson, the lovable loser."

Juice said New Japan is going to stop giving him opportunities if he can't make something out of them. The frustration was building after Robinson broke his hand in the ring earlier that month. Now he has a chance to redeem himself at the G1 Special in San Francisco.

Jay White was trying to break Robinson's hand during a show in Korakuen Hall when the former NXT Superstar punched a chair which really did the damage. Directly afterward, he cut a promo that received a ton of praise and caused Kevin Owens to say Robinson is the best promo in pro wrestling.

"What's that look like to you?" Robinson asked while holding up his hand. "I'm no doctor, I'm definitely not a doctor. But that's a broken metacarpal. That's what that is. That's a broken metacarpal.

"Okay Jay, guess what? I've got 206 bones, motherf--ker. 206. I think... I might be wrong. Good thing I don't have Twitter so nobody can let me know. Yeah, 206 bones. You broke one. I still got 205. I know what you're doing. I never said you're not smart. You're smart, and you're a badass. You know that's how I win my matches. I punch motherf--kers in the jaw and then I hit 'em with Pulp Friction. Well, it doesn't look like I'm gonna be hitting Pulp Friction any time soon... after a left hand, anyway.

"Guess what, dumbass? I've rolled up Kenny Omega. I've rolled up Big Mike Elgin. I can roll a motherf--ker up just like I can hit them with the left hand of god and hit them with Pulp Friction. You're smart, Jay. But your heart, and your nuts... they're little small shriveled up pieces of s--t. I'm all heart and nuts. Heart in one broken hand, nuts in the other, motherf--ker.

"San Francisco? Whew... San Francisco! I'm an American, that's an American belt. It's in America, on America's birthday. You ain't an American. Kenny Omega, no offense, you're not an American, too. You know who needs that belt? An American. Well, guess what? I'm next in line. I'm gonna be coming into San Francisco red, white and blue sparklers shooting out of my nipples and launching bald eagles out of my ass! That's right.

"Jay, I can f--k with you just like you f--k with me. Yeah. 'Old Juice he's flamboyant and he wears rainbows and he hops around and acts like an asshole'. Well guess what? I like whoopin' motherf--kers asses too!"

Robinson closed out his passionate promo by throwing in some Japanese phrases to make his point. The phrases he used in his promo translate to him seeing Jay later and very soon. The two continued to tour for New Japan so they were likely to see each other in the meantime.

"Alright? You want me to grab a chair? You want me to grab a chair and start swinging it around? Huh? I'll see you in San Francisco, and you know what? I'll see you tomorrow. Mata as--ta ja motherf--ker! mata asatte motherf--ker! I'm gonna see you all over Japan before we step foot in San Francisco and when we do I'm gonna whoop your ass and I will take that US Championship!"

Dave Meltzer of F4W Online had the chance to sit down with Robinson before the G1 Special in San Francisco where the popular promo about Juice's broken hand was brought up. Robinson said he didn't have much time at all to prepare for his post-match promo in Korakuen Hall, but he could tell something good was happening while he was in the middle of it.

"I don't know, when your hand's broke and you're fired up -- I was fired up and many people may not know where you do the comments in Korakuen [Hall], you leave the ring you walk down one flight of stairs and there you are. So you don't have much time to say, 'I'm gonna say this, this, this, and this,'" Juice Robinson said.

"Just gotta kinda go 'alight you're on fire here we go.' You know I was thinking about 206, I was thinking about how many bones you had -- how many bones? That was about it and I was like, 'roar!'

"I could tell when I was going, 'oh that's good, that's a good one.' Cause you get that feeling when you cut a good promo and that was the first time I got to do it where I had a nice one when it mattered when it set up an angle. So it was cool that I got to do more or that."

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