Stephanie McMahon Wants Another McMahon Generation In The WWE

From the vision of Vincent J. McMahon to popularize the sport of professional wrestling in the Northeast territory, to his son Vincent K. McMahon turning it into to most powerful wrestling-oriented company in the world, Stephanie McMahon is continuing the legacy of the family lineage. After filling a number of roles throughout her WWE tenure over the years, Stephanie became the Chief Brand Officer in 2013, focusing on strategies of continuing to grow the company domestically and internationally.

Stephanie was interviewed by People and discussed her duties as a mom and businesswoman. As an executive, her goal is to "leave a lasting legacy on the community." In addition, Stephanie stated that WWE is all about storytelling and larger-than-life characters. What brings Stephanie the most joy of her WWE role is that "no one day is the same." Despite her dedication to the company, she has a bigger dedication of being a mother.

"My favorite part about being Stephanie McMahon is being a mom," said Stephanie. "Our girls are now 11, 9, and 7." Stephanie's husband, Triple H, also commented on her skills as a mother.

"It's amazing. She's an amazing mom," said Triple H. "She's up making pancakes first thing in the morning after sleep. She's helping with homework. She's doing all of it. It doesn't matter what she's in the middle of, if the kids call, she drops it. She's with them. No matter what in her life, the most important job is mom. And if she had to drop everything else right now, it wouldn't even be a question."

Stephanie could be grooming her daughters to continue the McMahon legacy, as she desires for another generation to be involved with WWE. "I think it would be phenomenal if we had an additional McMahon-Levesque generation in WWE," said Stephanie.

Source: People


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