Being The Elite (Episode 116): Okada And Marty Scurll Cross Paths, Flip Gordon Still Isn't "All In"

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* Flip Gordon is asked if he'll be at All In and he said no. Gordon says he would have a fantastic match with Cody if given the chance. We see clips of him training in a bouncy castle. Matt Jackson tried to get him to go, but Gordon said if he's not involved, he's not going to the show. Matt finally convinces Flip to be the special guest referee in the main event and then goes off to ask Cody if it's cool. Cody says no. The whole first segment is a reference from the wrestling documentary, Beyond the Mat with Terry Funk and Dennis Stamp, which you can see below.

* Cody Rhodes joins The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll in Japan for an NJPW event.

* The Young Bucks look for a favor from Chico.

* The guys eat at TGI Frday's, but Masa isn't around to pay and they all freak out. Scurll says he'll call him and get him to pay.

* The Young Bucks talk about having to be away from their families and constantly travel around the world to make their shows. They talk about having bad travel days, as do Adam Page and Marty Scurll.

* Christopher Daniels responds to his upcoming "All In" opponent, Stephen Amell. Daniels talks about when he attempted to come into Amell's acting world, he started at the bottom and came in through the front door as opposed to Amell taking the top guys out for drinks and getting his match at a big show. Daniels says once Amell is in the ring, he will have no help, no directors, no one to tag out to, it will be just Amell and Daniels.

* Adam Page (still without shoes) does some shopping, a fan signing, and works out. We see him with The Young Bucks and now all three aren't wearing shoes, Scurll calls them out and Page gets in his face about it. Matt says Marty should try it, his back problems are now all gone because of the change. Scurll randomly says he looked in the trash in Japan and brought back Page's boots. The boots start talking to Page again and he loses it. Page wakes up in his hotel room all freaked out.

* Marty Scurll does a practice rehearsal with his entrance at an ROH event as the other Bullet Club guys cheer him on.

* Marty and Kazuchika Okada pass by each other in the hallway. Okada fakes hitting him with a balloon and then gives him a "205" hand signal. Zack Sabre Jr. suddenly shows up and hands Scurll a bunch of drinks to sip on. Sabre then says, "You're f-----, mate."


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