Cody Rhodes Teases "All In" Announcement, Flip Gordon's All Out Party, Kenny Omega - Tetsuya Naito

- Above is the finals from last year's G1 Climax between Tetsuya Naito and Kenny Omega. Both wrestlers picked up 14 points in their respective divisions before heading off to face each other. After just under 35 minutes, Naito would hit destino for the pinfall victory.

- Since he's not booked for "All In" on September 1, Flip Gordon will being hosting an All Out Party in the Sears Centre parking lot on the day of the show from 11am-3pm. Tickets are available to only those who have tickets to the show and will go on sale August 8 at 1pm ET. Tickets are $20 to enter the party, for more details click here.

- As noted, an announcement is expected today about how fans are going to be able to watch "All In." The news will most likely come through a new Being the Elite video. Cody tweeted out that we should hear it around 4pm ET and also wrote.


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