Tito Santana wrestled for WWE under the El Matador gimmick from 1991-1993. During that time, Santana used the bullfighter character, but he never liked it.

In a 2013 interview at the Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame, Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc. spoke with Santana when he revealed where the El Matador gimmick stands among other roles he has played. Santana was told that playing the part could translate to bigger things down the line, so he kept towing the company line.

"It was one of my least-favorite gimmicks," Santana said of the El Matador character. "I never liked it. They promised me they were gonna do something with it so I went along with it and I tried my best to do the best job as I could as El Matador. But they never really had intentions to do anything with it. Of course it left a rotten taste in my mouth."

Santana's El Matador gimmick saw him lose at WrestleMania VIII to Shawn Michaels as well as a dark match to Papa Shango at the 1992 SummerSlam at London's Wembley Stadium. Santana was mostly used as an enhancement talent for bigger Superstars during his run under the El Matador moniker. Santana worked the first nine WrestleMania's, accumulating a 2-7 record in the process.

Although Santana despised the gimmick, he reprised the El Matador part in November 1997 when he made an on-air appearance in the Karate Fighters Holiday Tournament where he faced Carlos Cabrera and Jerry Lawler.

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