Impact Wrestling Results (8/23): Sami Callihan Vs Pentagon Jr - Mexican Death Match

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- On last week's episode: Fenix won a match over Sami Callihan by DQ when oVe invaded which set up a future altercation between Pentagon Jr. and Callihan in a Mexican Death Match. Johnny Impact defeated Jimmy Jacobs in his quest to seek revenge on Kongo Kong and Scarlett Bordeaux debuted The Smoke Show featuring KM and Fallah Bahh. Eli Drake defeated Joe Hendry and Su Yung went over Allie. In the main event, LAX defeated The OGz in a literal street fight which saw Konnan deliver a finishing shot to King as he begged him to finish things.

- On tonight's episode: Callihan has promised to finish things against Pentagon Jr. as they meet in a Mexican Death Match. Also, Brian Cage speaks and Matt Sydal is in action.

- Eddie Edwards came out to the ring and took the microphone and said he dusted himself off after his recent defeat and he's looking for a fight. He said nobody could go through everything he has and came out the same way and he loves the man he became through it all. That being said, Edwards said he had a dream of smashing Austin Aries and Killer Kross with his kendo stick. Then he invited them to join him in the ring or he could go out and fight them in the back.

Aries and Kross came out and A Double said he's the greatest professional wrestler walking the planet, Edwards had his chance and he blew it. He said Edwards is stupid, crazy, and dangerous but he's found someone even more dangerous and crazy in Kross. Edwards cut Austin off and landed a couple shots to each guy before Aries nailed a chopblock and then Kross got him in a cross jacket choke while Areis locked in a figure four leglock. Referees ran to the ring and broke it up, but the damage had been done to Eddie Edwards.

They weren't done yet as Austin put Edwards' head in a chair and was about to whack him with another chair before Moose made his return to run Aries and Kross off.

- Moose and Eddie Edwards were celebrating backstage and Alisha ran up to say hello. Everyone was happy to be back together.

Matt Sydal vs Zachary Wentz

Wentz hit a very nice springboard corkscrew crossbody followed by a dive to the outside. Sydal quickly turned things around and landed a kick to Wentz's back before the action moved back inside the ring where Sydal maintained control.

Wentz landed a knee and a standing splash for a two count before moving to the rope, but Sydal stopped him. Wentz nailed a codebreaker as Josh Mathews commented how "that's become a popular move around here."

Sydal landed a knee and hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

- They played a segment where Brian Cage said he wants to be the best because he can do things nobody else can and looks like nobody else too.

- Then Impact Wrestling aired a GWN throwback moment featuring AJ Styles' return to Impact Wrestling under his new heel persona.

- KM and Fallah Bahh were backstage. Bahh gave KM a gift bag with his own face on it. KM asked if it was what he thought it was and if he thought it would help them win. Fallah said, "Bahh" as usual and left while KM looked excited.

Desi Hit Squad vs KM and Fallah Bahh

KM made his entrance wearing the same gear as Fallah Bah and then Bahh made him take off his boot and wrestle barefoot too.

Rohit and Bahh started things off and Rohit couldn't lift Fallah so he splashed the Desi Hit Squad member. KM took the tag and got distracted and Desi Hit Squad took control and hit a double team move for a two count.

KM fought off the Desi Hit Squad and then got to Bahh for the tag and then he came in to steamroll over everyone. Rohit tried to choke Fallah out and then he splashed Gurinder with Rohit on his back. KM and Bahh rolled over them twice and then KM pulled one Desi Hit Squad member into another before hitting his finisher and then Bahh hit a splash for the win.

Winners: KM and Fallah Bahh

- Katarina told Grado and Joe Hendry that she didn't come to Impact Wrestling to lose. Joe told Grado that slow and steady wins the race and Grado will win next time. He seemed happy about it and then he followed the smoke to find Scarlett Bordeaux who asked him why he seems so sad. She asked him to come on her show and said she will help him with all of his women problems.

But first, Grado danced on a pole for Scarlett and Bobo. Scarlett said Grado needed to be punished and she spanked him as he twerked on a couch causing him to flip over the furniture onto the floor as Bobo kept shoveling popcorn into his mouth.

Kiera Hogan vs Alisha

Hogan and Alisha wrestled around for a bit at first and traded several roll-up pinning attempts for a series of two counts. Allie was at ringside cheering Hogan on as Alisha nailed a running boot to Hogan's face. Alisha laid in some forearms in the corner and nailed a running elbow in the corner before she hit a neckbreaker for a two count.

Hogan hit a running dropkick to the corner and a running splash followed by a kick for a two count. Kiera kicked Alisha in the face again for another two count before Alish countered out of a suplex and drove Hogan to the mat for a two count of her own.

Alisha climbed to the top rope, but Hogan moved to cause Alisha to hit only the mat. Alisha hit a modified stunner for another two count before they both slowly got back to their feet. Alisha tried to get a submission hold on Hogan, but Kiera fought out. Then Hogan nailed a finisher for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

- Allie got in the ring and said she was proud of Kiera. She said she didn't want to take away from her moment but there was something she had to get off her chest. Then Allie said Su Yung took away Madison Rayne, her best friend Rosemary and forced her into the darkness. Allie said it changed her and helped her see her purpose and that is to put an end to Yung.

The only problem is Allie has to keep looking over her shoulder for Tessa Blanchard. So next week Allie challenged Tessa and Su for a triple threat match for the Knockouts Championship.

- Johhny Impact had some fun at a pool party. Then he cut a promo on what he did to Kongo and Jacobs. He said there's nothing keeping him from the Impact World Championship.

Then Kongo Kong attacked Impact. They fought at poolside for a bit until Impact sidestepped Kong and Kongo took a bump in the pool.

- Rich Swann explained he signed a long-term deal because Impact Wrestling had such great buzz. He wants the X Division Title because of wrestlers before him like Amazing Red, Petey Williams, AJ Styles, and more.

- Pentagon cut a promo about how he's the kind of the Mexican Death Matches.

- Austin Aries cut a promo backstage challenging Moose and Eddie Edwards to a tag match. So it will be Aries and Kross vs Moose and Edwards

Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley vs Brandon Tidwell and Mr. Atlantis

Eli Drake was on commentary during this match and called everyone dummies the whole time. Lee and Konley traded tags in and out and took control.

Then Tidwell rolled Kaleb up for a pinfall when he was trying for a Gravy Train.

Winners: Brandon Tidwell and Mr. Atlantis

- LAX arrived in their neighborhood as Impact World Champions while they brought respect back to the block. Then The OGz were shown in a car while they shot back to LAX hanging out and Konnan said when he hit King with a slapjack it felt good. He also said he had a surprise in his car so LAX took off with a kid too. Suddenly, the OGz drove by and hit the little kid named Richie with their car. As Impact cut to commercial, LAX was gathered around the severely injured young man.

Sami Callihan vs Pentagon Jr. - Mexican Death Match

Don Callis and Josh Mathews were sitting away from the ring at the announce table because of this match. The ring was decorated with several dangerous foreign objects, but nothing is out of the picture in this match.

They started fighting fight from the beginning before Sami and Penta both got chairs. They banged the chairs off each other before dropping them. Penta hit a slingblade before taking off Callihan's protective vest to expose his chest. Callihan told Penta to chop him twice so he did.

Penta got another chair and then sat up two chairs in the ring. He sat Callihan up on the top rope, but Sami turned it into a powerbomb through the chairs on Penta. Then Callihan got a table and placed it against the guardrail. Sami sat Pentagon up for a suplex through the table from the apron, but Jr. blocked it and then he took Sami off the apron with a kick and nailed a flipping splash through the table.

Pentagon Jr. picked up a pinata and whacked Sami with it as Josh Mathews said we don't want to know what's in the pinata. Penta tore into the pinata and found a staple gun. Sami tried to get away and then he just spit in Penta's face before telling him to "come on!" So Penta put staples in both arms, his leg and then he stapled his hat on his head before ripping it off. 1-2-kick out!

Penta grabbed another pinata and opened it to find a pair of clippers. The crowd started chanting "shave his beard!" as Callihan grabbed Penta's crouch in a groin claw before Penta left the ring.

Callihan sat up a table against the barricade outside and he tried to powerbomb Penta, but Jr. fought out and landed a couple kicks before Callihan nailed him with a trashcan. Sami grabbed another pinata and opened it to find a baseball bat. Then Callihan put a trashcan on Penta before whacking it with a baseball bat.

Pentagon popped up and nailed Callihan in the face with the trashcan before hitting a running death valley driver through the table for a two count. Penta opened the last pinata to dump a bump of Legos in the ring. Callihan avoided a powerbomb before hitting a package piledriver on the legos for a two count. Penta hit a low blow before hitting a Fear Factor for another two count.

Penta rolled out of the ring and started to look under the apron to pull out another table and slide it under the bottom rope. The luchador set up the table as the Candian crowd chanted, "we want fire." He placed Callihan on the table, but Sami stopped him on the top rope. Penta stopped him, but Callihan put his thumb through his eye and hit a Cactus Piledriver through the table for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan


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