Kenny Omega Announces His Next NJPW Challenger, Okada Splits From His Manager (Video), Flip Gordon

- Above, Flip Gordon talked briefly about being in Ring of Honor for just under two years and although he's wrestled in some cool places, he's now headed to a sold-out Madison Square Garden on April 6.

- After today's G1 Climax Finals, Kazuchika Okada announced after six-and-half years Gedo would no longer be by his side during his matches, but they still may tag from time to time. Gedo jokingly asked Okada if he was quitting CHAOS, which Okada replied, "No, no."

- During his post-show interview after the NJPW G1 Climax Finals, IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega said his next challenger will be Tomohiro Ishii. During the G1 tournament Ishii defeated Omega and the champion wants to give him another shot down the road.

"Let's just settle Ishii, you want it? I'll do what I can to make it happen," Omega said. "When I come back, when I defend against you, Ishii, its not going to be a beaten, bloodied, broken down Kenny Omega versus a one-hundred percent nothing to lose, tubby, short, piece of lard, Ishii. This is going to be one-hundred percent best bout machine, tip top shape, champion Kenny Omega defending his belt against you. We will determine the date later."


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