Lucha Underground Results (8/15): New Champions Crowned

It's time to go back to The Temple for another episode of Lucha Underground. You can check out Luch Underground Wednesdays on El Rey Network at 8 pm. We appreciate you checking out the results here at Wrestling Inc.

- On last week's episode: The Gift Of The Gods Title was defended when El Dragon Azteca Jr. retained in a hard-fought battle over Mariposa. Joey Ryan and Jack Evans defeated XO Lishus and Ivelisse, and Mala Suerte was a sacrifice to the Gods. Worldwide Underground won in the main event against The Reptile Tribe, and with Aerostar's help, Johnny Mundo decided to free Drago from Kobra Moon's evil clutches with the one wish he was granted. Then Mundo proposed to Taya to cap off the night.

- On this week's episode: Killshot is busy this week as he challenges for the Gift Of The Gods Title against El Dragon Azteca Jr. and defends the Trios Titles against The Reptile Tribe. Matanza Cueto has another sacrifice as well.

Antonio Cueto was sitting in his office going through his mail when he came across a wedding invitation from Mundo and Taya, "they will never last," he said as he tossed the invite to the side. Suddenly, Kobra Moon came busting through the door demanding a shot at the Trios Titles because they never got a rematch from Ultima Lucha III.

Cueto said she is feisty after her big loss last week. She said her tribe is stronger than ever and Antonio said Drago is gone, but Kobra said they didn't need Drago. They want what they deserve, so Antonio granted them a title match. Then Cueto told her to be "Dra-gone" which she didn't find amusing.

Saltador vs Matanza Cueto

The Rabbit Tribe (just Paul London and Saltador at this point) were in the ring and Cueto asked why they were back. London said Saltador was going to show them what they can do. Then Cueto announced Salty would be the next sacrifice to the gods.

Saltador pulled off a couple small moves, but Matanza soon caught him and slammed the Rabbit Tribe member to the mat a couple of times before pinning him. Then Saltador was gone. The Rabbit Tribe is now down to just London.

Winner: Matanza Cueto

- Son Of Havoc and The Mack were in the locker room together and Havoc said Killshot doesn't like him. Killshot came in and said he doesn't respect having the Trios Title handed to Havoc and he doesn't appreciate being left out of the Gift Of The Gods title match. Killshot said he has a Gift Of The Gods title match tonight and The Mack reminded him that he needed to defend the Trios Titles with them. "I see how it is, you don't care about me, you care about the gold," Killshot replied.

Killshot said he will help them defend the Trios Titles after he wins the Gift Of The Gods title.

- They announced that Pentagon Dark will defend the Lucha Underground Title against Brian Cage next week in a last man (or machine) standing match.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Killshot - Gift Of The Gods Title Match

They started out with some back and worth action trading moves until Dragon hit a head scissors that sent Killshot out of the ring, he came in ahead of Dragon and landed a double stomp followed by a flipping splash to the outside on the champion. Killshot maintained control after that with some chain submissions followed up with a rings of Saturn and a roll-up pin for a two count.

Dragon landed a kick while Killshot was on the apron and hit a head scissors takedown to the floor which brought a "holy s--t" chant from the crowd. The returned to the ring quickly for a two count.

They traded flying forearms tot he corner and then Killshot chased Dragon around the ring, but Dragon nailed a legdrop from the middle rope to the back of Killshot's head as he was getting in the ring for a two count. They made it to the top rope and Killshot nailed a kick to Dragon's ear. They fought on the apron for a bit until Killshot hit a death valley driver on the apron before climbing up top and hitting the Kill Stomp for a two count.

They traded shots in the middle of the ring again and Dragon hit a DDT for the win.

Winner: El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Drago was shown sitting outside and Aerostar walked up saying he's kept himself hidden and Drago said he didn't deserve a second chance because of all the bad things he did as part of the Reptile Tribe. Aerostar said it was all Kobra Moon and Drago said he didn't deserve his friendship. The two shook hands and then Drago flew off. Aerostar was sure they will meet again.

Killshot, The Mack, and Son Of Havoc vs The Reptile Tribe

Kobra Moon led Jeremiah Snake and Daga to the ring, but she would be competing in this match. Then The Mack and Son Of Havoc came out, but Killshot wasn't there.

The Reptile Tribe kicked The Mack out of the ring early on leaving on Havoc there who wrestled with Daga for a bit before they both moved out. The Mack came in the ring and sent Kobra Moon packing quickly before Snake (Sami Callihan) came in the ring. Snake didn't mess around with The Mick, kicking him while he was trying to do a handstand. Suddenly, Killshot came in the match.

Snake spit in Killshot's face and he didn't take that too well. Soon, Killshot had a triangle hold and Moon came in to latch one on Killshot, soon everyone was in a chain of submissions before The Mack ran in the ring and turned everyone over as he applied a Boston Crab. The all left the ring and then The Mack hit a massive flipping dive.

Then Daga hit a dive followed by one from Havoc as well. Moon got in the ring next and went to hit a dive, but Killshot jumped up and slapped her. He tried to suplex her to the outside, but she blocked it and Snake knocked him down. Then Moon hit a head scissors takedown on Killshot to the floor. Killshot was tossed back in the ring where Moon and Snake hit some very innovative offense on Killshot for a pin attempt.

Havoc and Snake fought in the ring and Snake avoided a pinfall from Havoc before he climbed to the top rope. Havoc didn't get to dive before Snake got up and soon everyone was in the ring hitting one move after another. The Mack hit a stunner on Moon followed by a Samoan Drop on Snake for a two count. Snake blocked The Mack on the top rope, kicked him and brought him down before applying a stretching submission. Havoc jumped in and landed a double stomp on Snake to break up the move, then he hit a dive on the outside and accidentally landed on Killshot.

Havoc climbed to the top rope and was about to nail a high-risk move, but Killshot jumped up and shoved Havoc off the top rope. Then Snake covered for the win to become new Trios Champions.

Winners: The Reptile Tribe

- After the match was over, Killshot got in Havoc's face and then he jumped up and nailed double stomp on Havoc. The Mack slid in the ring wondering what happened.

- Melissa Santos invited Cage to the ring. He didn't get to say anything before Pentagon Dark jumped in and hit a Superkick on his challenger. Penta accidentally kicked a "fan" and then he and Cage fought up the steps of The Temple. Penta hit a loud chop on Cage and then he grabbed one of the band's guitars. The guitar player followed Penta trying to get his guitar back and Penta nailed him with the guitar. Cage took a cameraman down as the two continued to fight on top of The Temple. Cage threw Penta into the wall and they got down onto another platform and teased doing moves off the top as the crowd chanted, "please don't die."

Brian Cage put his hands on Father Rick O'Shay (get it?) who was supposed to be there to preside over Mundo and Taya's wedding. Penta nailed Cage with a steel chair. Then Penta threw the father down and broke his arm. Then the two kept fighting out of The Temple.

- The Mack went to Antonio Cueto and said he wanted Killshot in a match next week. Cueto said he already has a match against Mil Muertes in a Haunted House match.


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