Maria Kanellis Takes Shot At Charlotte Flair's 'Diva' Dig

Charlotte Flair was trying to make a point about how see views Carmella as SmackDown Women's Champion. She called 'Mella a "Diva," which is a nod to WWE's past implying that The Princess Of Staten Island is a throwback from the past before the term was dropped. Carmella owned the title of "Diva," and Maria Kanellis commented in a passionate message in support.

After starting her WWE career as part of the 2004 Diva Search, Maria was signed to a WWE contract after finishing in 5th place. She was a part of the WWE roster at a time when women were lucky to get a seven-minute segment for a match including their entrances, but she stayed the course and participated in many stories before her 2010 exit from Vince McMahon and Company.

"Real Diva. Be careful disparaging the women that fought for what you are getting. Experience is more of a b---h than entitlement ever will be. We were Divas for a reason. We had to be. We all mater in the marathon called the Evolution of Women Superstars. And it's not over. I see you. I'm with you. We were in the trenches together in full makeup, dresses and heels every day, every show. Still fighting with babies, careers, husbands, and a stigma. Is it better for the system or the spot? Both. Love you. Together we push the system forward, apart we forget our past. Those that forget their past repeat it."

Women such as Kelly Kelly and Maryse who were alongside Kanellis have commented to let her know how much they agree with her statement. Carmella commented as well with several "praising hands" emojis to which Kanellis responded, "Carmella, let me know if you need some backup. I know a few Divas."


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