Miz And Mrs. S1 E4 Recap: Introducing Monroe Sky Mizanin!

The hilarious foibles of first-time parenthood have finally come to a head for Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, and his long-suffering, pasta-loving wife Maryse, who welcome Monroe Sky Mizanin into the world on this episode of Miz and Mrs., which is the fourth in a six-part limited series. It's a limited series that, while declining in viewership by the week -- despite the lead-in of SmackDown Live -- is of a far superior quality than any of the Total Divas shows as of late.

Miz, himself, said that the show was more Curb Your Enthusiasm and less Total John Cena, and the fact that he already has some reality TV experience (with MTV's The Real World) worked entirely in his favor.

The show has already gotten an additional 14 episodes ordered from USA, so we can expect to see more of this adorable couple soon.

So we kick things off with The Miz pushing the idea of wearing a GoPro into the delivery room with Maryse -- an idea which Maryse nixes, especially while being egged on by Queen Marjo. Even though Miz thinks this is the best idea ever, we're #TeamMarjo for life, so the GoPro stays in the box.

Then, The Miz goes off to a wrestling event accompanied by his parents. As he reflects on his career being at its peak -- a sentiment he shares with Rolling Stone, no less -- he and his father, George, have a few tense moments. First, Miz complains that his father never tells him that he's proud of him (but has no problem talking about how much he loves The Rock), then George reflects that he'd have preferred to have a girl rather than a boy. Damn, George!

The Miz continues his heel behavior in Cleveland, where fans jeer him on when he talks about living in LA. At dinner, a few fans recognize him, and despite the fact that he never really comes out and says he's proud of his son, George can't help but beam with pride as Miz indulges his fans. Later, Miz's Aunt Sharon shows up, and tells Miz that he's George's whole life, and how excited he is to be a grandfather.

Back at Chateau MarMiz, Maryse and Marjo talk about the C-section delivery schedule, and have a little tension when Maryse tells Marjo that she doesn't want her in the delivery room.

Miz gets home and surprises the Mrs. with a ring with Monroe's name on it, which causes Maryse to tear up.

But not long thereafter, Maryse's water breaks, and they rush to the hospital.

Once there, Miz gets in Maryse's butt about having to eat mac'n'cheese, thus holding up the delivery. But not long after, it's "go" time, and The Miz is forced to wait outside.

As he paces outside, he's caught on camera telling Monroe how much he already loves her, and he can't wait to be her father.

After a pretty graphic scene, and a lot of crying, Monroe Sky Mizanin comes into the world. Marjo is overjoyed to meet her granddaughter, and says she's gorgeous.

The episode closes out with Miz saying that a baby changes your life forever...and baby Monroe seems to have done just that, and for the better for Miz and Mrs.


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