Miz And Mrs. S1 E6 Recap: The Season Ends With Some Line-Dancing

The summer finale of USA Networks' surprise hit, Miz and Mrs., is upon us. Needless to say, the show -- which will return in 2019 -- was a blast for all involved. There are a number of reasons why Miz and Mrs. was such a hit for the network, but the chief two reasons why have to do with the wrestlers themselves: the duo have a natural rapport with both the camera and each other, and they talk about other things besides John Cena.

So it makes sense that they ended their hit season with a party -- namely, a line-dancing party.

But before the duo gets into the line-dancing, they have to get into Castle MarMiz. The Texas counterpart to their Los Angeles digs -- which were sold to accommodate their move to the Lone Star state -- has a lot more square footage for (somewhat) less money. But the infinity pool alone makes the move worth it. And besides...LINE DANCING! You guys!

Unfortunately, however, the Mizanians have hired the worst moving company in existence. You would think someone with a name and a brand like The Miz would not only have connections to some of the best moving companies in the world, but would be able to hire them as well. That's not the case: the company gave him the runaround, stuck him on hold, and only had the word "uh huh" in their vocabulary. Classy. This would be one of those cases where it would be perfectly alright for Mike Mizanin to put away his out-of-ring person and put on his in-ring persona. We completely get it, Mike. We really do.

But even though The Miz held it together, Maryse went all the way off. When the moving company gave her some happy song and dance about her move-in date being "not one of their preferential dates," she laced into them with the fury of a thousand burning suns. She's definitely Marjo's daughter, and someone who needs to open up her own insult business in the event this wrestling thing doesn't work out.

Speaking of Marjo...

Queen Marjo. All hail Queen Marjo. Yes, she was messy and knocking over displays, but Queen Marjo can do no wrong, and deserves a show of her own. All hail Queen Marjo.

The couple ended the season with a bit of reflection, too: Miz and Maryse both realize that while they undergo the same hardships that "normal" people go through when they move, their celebrity offers them a bit of a protective cushion that other people don't have. Yes, it's stressful to move, but it's really hard to "relate" to the average person when you move while you're on a tour bus eating caviar -- even if you did put your baby's diapers in the freezer to kill the smell.

Fortunately for us, The Miz and Maryse are self-aware enough to jab at themselves with a little bit of humor and humility, making them even more likable.

Miz and Mrs. returns in 2019. Stay tuned to this space for the premiere date, and we will be back with recaps when the show airs.


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