"Miz And Mrs." S1E2 Recap: The Last Party At Chateau MarMiz Is The Mizanin Baby Shower

The premiere episode of Miz and Mrs. garnered more than 1.4 million views for the USA Network, making it more successful than any other "reality-based" television show for the WWE to date. And this success has not gone unnoticed by Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin, who credits both his work on MTV's The Real World and on Total Divas (seasons 6 and 7 -- the latter of which culminated with a match between Cena and Miz, which ultimately led to the Miz and Mrs. spin-off) for the success of his current show for the USA Network.

It, in fact, is the top-rated reality show for USA since 2011, and to celebrate, "The Miz" did a nice Instagram-only special that he shared with his fans, which you can check out below.

Last night's show, which aired right after SmackDown Live (which may also be a reason why the show is proving more successful than the Total Divas/Bellas franchise), saw the Mizanins host a blow-out baby shower at their mansion in Los Angeles, CA -- and it's the last event they'll have at their Los Angeles digs before they move on to Austin, TX (where everything is bigger).

And, like everything else that this couple does, the bash at "Chateau Marmiz" is such a to-do that it's the focal point of the entire episode. Everything that the couple does is done for the benefit of the party -- and it's going to cost them, money-wise, and dearly. It's cost them so much money, in fact, that The Miz comes up with a scheme to save money on the cake -- and the scheme, of course, hilariously backfires. And it costs them a grand total of $1,000 for an (admittedly, very nice) cake.

"Your sheet cake from Ralph's isn't going to work!" barks Maryse at one point, and that line needs to be sold on T-shirts, because it was just hilarious. (And there's nothing wrong with sheet cake from Ralph's, girl...)

Still, perhaps The Miz can use the proceeds from Marine 6 -- which is currently in production -- to pay for the cake.

Dolph Ziggler makes a special guest appearance on the episode, too, when he comes to the baby shower and "drinks all the Shirley Temples." Other celebrities that show up at the event include Ryan Cabrera, Avril Lavigne, and Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell (what the hell?).

The most surprising element of this episode, however, is how Miz's father George (who pronounces the family name with a "Y" instead of an "I," so it sounds like "My-Zan-In") and Maryse's mother Marjo are quickly emerging as the personalities of the bunch. Marjo is already an opinionated mother-in-law, but she's not maliciously opinionated, and there's a genuine bond between herself, her daughter, and her son-in-law. And George is the epitome of a no-nonsense "good old boy," and it's evident as to where The Miz got his larger-than-life personality from.

But those who are hoping for the "live birth" of baby Monroe in the upcoming episodes will be sorely disappointed. "Let's put it this way it's a process. And sometimes, when you have a plan any mom has a plan when it comes to giving birth but sometimes the plan doesn't go the way you were expecting it, and that's what happened," Maryse told Life & Style Magazine.

Even though this initial run of Miz & Mrs. is only scheduled for six episodes, the rumor in the blogosphere is that the success of this limited-series run will lead to a full-series order. We will definitely have to wait and see, but for now, this limited-series is definitely an enjoyable one.


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