Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight

Thanks to Will Henderson (@willh94) for texting us the following WWE NXT TV spoilers for tonight's show, taped on Saturday in Brooklyn. Join us for our live Viewing Party tonight at 8pm EST.

* Bianca Belair defeated Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna gets out of a headscissors. Crowd behind Bianca pretty solidly to start. Bianca with a gutbuster for 2. Bianca with a charge in the corner. Deonna sidesteps a second and goes for a rollup but Bianca holds the ropes. Bianca in control and gloats. Deonna gets the Fujiwara on, but Bianca powers out, throws her into the ring post, and hits her finisher for the win

* WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne defeated Zack Gibson to retain. Excellent match. Gibson out to huge boos, Pete with a monster reaction as usual. Pete attacks the right arm to start. They trade slaps. They lock legs and both end up in headstands trading slaps. Gibson works over the arm. Pete goes for an Irish whip, but can't get it due to the injured arm." Gibson in control. Pete lays out Gibson with a huge forearm. Pete into an armbar but Gibson gets to the ropes and rolls out. Pete hits a moonsault to the outside and rolls Gibson back in. Pete goes for the corner flip but Gibson kicks him out of the air and hits a jumping codebreaker for 2. They both hit stereo enziguris and go down. NXT chants. Gibson reverses a superplex but only gets 2. Gibson with a armlock but Pete gets to the ropes. Gibson kicks him and Pete spits the mouthpiece out. Gibson stops him from putting it back in and hits a brutal clothesline. Gibson goes to throw the mouthpiece in the crowd, but Pete blocks it, snaps his fingers, and hits Bitter End for the pin


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