Street Fight Announced For Next Week's Impact Wrestling, New Star Getting Her Own Show, Su Yung

- Allie will face Su Yung to a match next week on Impact Wrestling. Kiera Hogan spoke up and said she didn't care if Tessa Blanchard shows up either as they welcomed The Knockouts Champion and her Undead Bridesmaids. Allie told Yung to leave her title at home though because this is about more than titles to her.

- Scarlett Bordeaux wants to make Impact Wrestling sexy again and she will have a chance next week. As she approached Impact Wrestling executives, they were smitten and presented her with the chance of having her own show. The Smoke Show will debut on next week's episode.

- LAX will battle The OGz in a street fight next week. During a recent Impact Wrestling media call, I asked LAX where their feud with the OGz would lead next after their 5150 Street Fight at Slammiversary. Santana had a very interesting reply to my question and it looks like we might see something very brutal unfold next week on Impact Wrestling.

"Honestly, there's no other place to go than legit, the street," Santana said. "I mean knowing all of our backgrounds, we've all had to come up in some of the worst conditions in New York City in some of the worst neighborhoods. You know we've all experienced some really tough things.

"To me, I don't think a building and a ring is going to be able to contain what we're going to do and what we're about to do. So I think the next step is taking it to the street, legitimately."

- Sami Callihan has been battling Pentagon Jr. and he even went as far this week as to have Dave Crist's head shaved in his state of madness. Callihan will face Fenix next week as he tries to take some of his frustrations out on Pentagon Jr.'s brother.


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