Triple H Asked About Neville Possibly Joining The NXT UK Brand

Triple H took part in a media call this afternoon to promote Saturday's NXT Takeover event in Brooklyn. During the call, the new NXT UK brand was discussed and it was noted that former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville would be a great fit for it. Triple H was then asked what Neville's status was with the company.

"To be honest, I'm not 100% positive," Triple H replied. "I would need to go back and look into that."

Neville had left WWE in mid-October, reportedly over frustration with his status in the company. He was scheduled to lose to then-WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore on the October 9, 2017 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, and left the company after reportedly learning of the scheduled finish. The match resulted in Enzo losing the championship to Kalisto.

Triple H agreed that Neville would be a good fit for the NXT UK division and praised the work that he had done for the company.

"You are 100% right, [Neville] is one of the most talented guys in the world," Triple H admitted. "I love the time that he spent with us in NXT, he did a great job of building up the Cruiserweight division on 205 [Live]. Time will see where that ends up."

Since quitting the company, Neville has been reportedly wanting his release from the company. He is still under WWE contract and his deal is frozen for the time that he is not working, which means that he can't wrestle anywhere else in the world. He moved back to the U.K. last March and has kept a low profile.

You can listen to the media call below:


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