WWE NXT Results (8/1): Tommaso Ciampa Addresses The NXT Universe, Candice LeRae Vs. Shayna Baszler

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- Show opens with "In Memory of" for Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Christopher.

- Recap of last week's NXT Championship match between Aleister Black and Tommaso Ciampa. Gargano would get involved, inadvertently hit Black with the title and help get Ciampa the victory to become the new champion.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Mighty

The Mighty toss their jackets at Heavy Machinery, but get them sent right back and get dropped. Otis and Thorne get us started, Thorne with a couple strikes that do nothing. Otis clubs him back to his corner and Miller gets tag in. Otis with a spinning body slam that rocks himself a bit, Thorne in now with a low dropkick. Miller tagged in, couple strikes in the corner slow the big man down.

Thorne in now and keeps Otis grounded, chokes him against the ropes, brings Miller back in. Otis with a counter belly-to-back suplex finally gives him a window and in comes Tucker, swings away on Miller, tosses Thorne into the ring, double clothesline, double side suplex. Tucker charges into the corner, flips over and hits a rolling cannonball down on The Mighty. He tosses Miller back in, Thorne distracts, Miller with a chop block. Suddenly the Street Profits music hits and they are out in the crowd dancing. The Might loses track of Tucker and Otis gets tagged in, he dumps out Miller, compactor hits on Thorne, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Heavy Machinery via Pinfall

Moustache Mountain vs. Matt Knox and Brandon Taylor

Test of strength to get us started, Bate uses his agility to get around his opponent, hits bop and bang. Bate flips back in, Seven with a cover, two-count. Knox kicks at Seven's hurt knee and in comes Taylor, he keeps Seven grounded for a moment, but a knee lands right to Taylor's face. Seven with a bunch of chops to both Taylor and Knox. Snap modified dragon suplex, Bate is in and lights up Knox on the with a kick. Exploder suplex, kip up, standing moonsault, and in comes Seven. Seven lifts Knox up on his shoulder and drops burning hammer while Bate hits a knee drop on the guy's face. Pin and that will do it.

Winners: Moustache Mountain via Pinfall

- Post-match, Seven says "we're back!" He says last time they were at Full Sail it didn't go their way and he apologizes for that. Seven says he spoke with William Regal and they now have a plan. Bate says Undisputed Era tried to tear them apart, and he had to throw in the towel because Seven's health means the world to him. Bate then says they are invoking their rematch clause for TakeOver: Brooklyn!

EC3 vs. Kona Reeves

Reeves gets a headlock on EC3, but is put into one himself not long after. He tries to get out of it, but EC3 hangs on. EC3 with a shoulder block, couple body slams, leaping elbow drop, Reeves out to the apron. Reeves whips the top rope into EC3's neck, big boot, cover, two. Reeves goes to work on EC3 in the corner, getting some boos from the crowd. Reeves with a cobra clutch in the middle of the ring. Somersault neckbreaker hits on Reeves, EC3 looks to have this match and Velveteen Dream suddenly comes out to the stage.

Dream says apparently someone (EC3) still can't get over what happened at Royal Albert Hall (EC3 left his then tag partner, Dream, by himself). Dream says EC3 just needs to come to the Dream if he wants the experience. Reeves with the Hawaiian drop, cover, and EC3 still kicks out! Reeves can't believe EC3 kicked out of it. "Stay down!" Reeves yells, but EC3 lifts him up and hits the one percent, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: EC3 via Pinfall

- Backstage, EC3 is asked if he will experience Velveteen Dream and EC3 says of course, how could he turn down such an invite? Plus, he just beat "The Finest." He's the best here, he's the best there, he's the best anywhere.

Candice LeRae vs. Shayna Baszler (Non-Title Match)

Baszler offers LeRae to leave the ring before things get started. LeRae ends up dropkicking the champ out of the ring. LeRae with a baseball slide and brings Baszler back in the champ. LeRae with a jawbreaker, couple arm drags, single leg dropkick, cover, two. LeRae looks for a top rope arm drag, but Baszler hits the ropes, sends her crashing down to the floor. Baszler then sends LeRae flying into the steps and Gaszler goes back into the ring and waits for the 10-count.

Back in the ring, Baszler works over LeRae's arm and wrenches it behind her back. Baszler with a bunch of clubbing blows on a grounded LeRae and just stomps on LeRae's arm. Someone in the crowd yells "Mama Mia!" LeRae with a slap to the face, Baszler returns fire with a kick to that injured arm. LeRae with a step-up enziguri that stuns the champ. Chops and forearms back the champ up, running elbow, LeRae up to the second rope and plants Baszler's face to the mat. Cover, one-count, and Baszler out to the floor. LeRae with a suicide dive, tosses Baszler back in, LeRae leaps off the top rope and hits a tornado DDT, cover, two.

Both on the second rope now, LeRae tries for a move, but Baszler counters into a rear naked choke, they are right near the ropes and LeRae is able to break the hold. Baszler tries for it again, counter, LeRae with a double stomp, Baszler gets planted, she tries for the lionsault, nobody home, Baszler with a penalty kick, rear naked choke applied again, and LeRae taps out this time.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via Pinfall

- Post-match, Baszler jumps LeRae again and locks in her rear naked choke again. More refs get in there to break it up and Kairi Sane runs out. She's tries to get at the champ, but Baszler heads out of the ring for a moment, as Sane's attention turns to LeRae, Baszler goes over and kicks Sane. Sane is furious, but the referees hold her back as Baszler heads up the ramp taunting her TakeOver challenger.

- Outside, Moustache Mountain are asked about their upcoming TakeOver match and if they have any tricks up their sleeves. They laugh that tricks aren't needed, just good wrestling. War Raiders suddenly show up and say they made it clear it doesn't matter who leave TakeOver with the titles, they are taking them.

- NXT General Manager William Regal announced EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream is official for TakeOver, as is Adam Cole vs. Ricochet for the North American Championship.

- Next week: Ricochet in action and Keith Lee makes his NXT debut.

- Out strolls the new NXT Champion Tommaso Ciamp to a whole bunch of boos and "ass----" chants. Ciampa on the mic in the ring and starts talking to the title, says they make such a beautiful couple. "This is my NXT now!" Almost the whole crowd is standing and booing Ciampa. "Shut the hell up!" chant from the crowd and he just smile and stares at his title. He says this is what happens when the most dangerous man in NXT take the head of the table.

Ciampa heads out to the floor and goes back to that sweet older woman and taunts her again, tells her this is his moment. "You're an ass----" chant as Ciampa sits on the top rope and says "Oh, the title is sooo heavy!" Cimpa says he's the guy who finished off both Gargano and Black. He's the only guy in the entire world to pin Black. He says now they can go and bicker about who is" 2a" and "2b."

Ciampa says there's such a hug gap between number one and two, he's the main event, he's the champ. "NXT is now and forever the 'A show!'" Ciampa sits in the middle of the ring and says he's the greatest sports entertainer of all time. Out comes Aleister Black, but Johnny Gargano runs right past Black to get at Ciampa, knocking him out of the ring. Ciampa bails out through the crowd. Gargano on the mic, "This is not your NXT! Not while I'm still breathing! The only reason you are NXT Champion is because of me." He says it once more and Black nails Gargano with Black Mass.

Obviously the champ is not thrilled with Gargano costing him the title. Crowd with a "you deserve it!" chant towards Gargano. Black takes the mic and sits next to Gargano. "I guess you're right, the only reason he's NXT Champion is because of you." Black stares at Gargano (who's still down on the mat) and heads out of the ring as Black's music hits.


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