Truth Martini broke through in the indie scene in the late 1990s as he wrestled for several promotions in the Detroit area. After stints with Juggalo Championship Wrestling and Independent Wrestling Revolution, he made it to Ring of Honor in 2009.

By then, Martini was more of a manager than a wrestler and it appears he's done as an in-ring competitor. He talked about moving onto the next chapter of his life with Colt Cabana on The Art of Wrestling podcast.

"You kinda can't argue with time, you know? Things run its course. It's not like I don't like professional wrestling," Martini stated. "It's kinda like when you're young-when you're done with your tricycle, it's not like you hate your tricycle. Tricycles are awesome! It just ran its course and that's pretty much how I felt."

Martini may be done as a wrestler, but he's far from done with wrestling. He's settled down with his family and now operates his own wrestling school in Michigan named after the House of Truth (HOT).

"So, I went ahead and got married and have a lovely wife and I've got a three-and-a-half month baby girl," said Martini. "Her name's Miriam and she's a blessing from God.

"I'm done performing right now, but I'm still at the school Monday-Thursday. for anybody still interested."

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