Spoilers: WWE Mae Young Classic Tapings For Tonight

Remember to join us tonight at 9pm ET for our live Viewing Party.

Thanks to our correspondent Will Henderson (@willh94) for the following:

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Priscilla Kelly to advance. Good back and forth match. Priscilla with an STO for 2. Deonna reverses an Irish Whip into a Russian Leg Sweep and locks in the Fujiwara Armbar for the win

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Zeuxis defeated Aerial Monroe to advance. Zeuxis slaps Aerial's hair and Aerial tells her if she touches her hair again she's gonna pop her in the mouth. Zeuxis begins a lot of hair pulling and throws Aerial around by her hair. Aerial catches a kick and hits a running uppercut. Aerial hits a cartwheel kick and only gets two. Zeuxis ducks a kick for a roll up. Zeuxis tosses Aerial up top and hits a Spanish Fly for the upset win. Fans were not happy at all with that outcome and they boo the announcement

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Kacy Catanzaro defeated Reina Gonzalez to advance. Reina overpowers Kacy to start. Kacy tries fighting back, but is again overpowered. Backbreaker stretch by Reina. Kacy ducks a clothesline but gets a brutal clothesline to the back of the head. Kacy gets Reina into the ropes and jumps outside to neck Reina. Kacy hits a split over the top rope into a springboard dropkick off the middle rope. Kacy rolls up Reina for the surprise win. Reina leaves angry, but comes back and shakes Kacy's hand and puts her on her shoulder to celebrate

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Mercedes Martinez defeated Ashley Rayne to advance. They trade near falls early on. Mercedes blocks a tornado DDT and turns it into a lengthy delayed vertical. Mercedes plants Rayne with a spinebuster for 2. Forearms and chops by Rayne take Mercedes down. Rayne with a crossbody off the top. Rayne with a cradle for 2. Mercedes powers out and hits the Fisherman Suplex for the win


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