WWE HIAC: Braun Strowman Vs. Roman Reigns (Cell Match For The WWE Universal Title)

Hell In a Cell for the WWE Universal Title: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

We go to the ring for tonight's main event as the red Cell is lowered around the ring. JoJo introduces the special referee for this match and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley to a pop. Foley enters the Cell and is wearing a custom referee button-up shirt. Braun Strowman is out next to officially cash in his Money In the Bank title shot. Braun does not have the briefcase with him. Braun enters the Cell and waits as the boos start up. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is out next to a mixed reaction. Reigns stops and looks at the Cell before entering. Reigns enters the Cell and the door is chained shut. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.

Reigns raises the title during the introductions but Braun snatches it and raises it up. Reigns rocks him and here we go. Reigns with offense but Braun sends him to the corner and runs in with a big splash. Back and forth for a few seconds until Braun rocks Reigns again. Braun charges and knocks Reigns from the apron into the steel. Reigns lands on the floor. Braun follows and sends Reigns into the red steel, then face-first into the steel ring post. Braun launches Reigns into the steel once again. Braun taunts Reigns about having nowhere to run and no way for his boys to get in and help him.

Braun brings it back into the ring but Reigns fights back. Braun grabs him by the throat. Reigns ducks a shot and rocks Braun, knocking him through the ropes. Braun recovers and nails a big shoulder tackle on the outside, sending Reigns into the steel again. Braun works Reigns over and sends him into the apron, the steel steps and the Cell several times. Reigns comes back and hits a Drive By on the outside. Braun turns it around and clubs Reigns on the outside, dropping him on the apron. Fans chant "get these hands" as Braun brings a kendo stick from under the ring. Reigns takes the stick and beats Braun with it, shattering the stick. Braun takes it and breaks it, then rolls Reigns in the ring. Reigns rocks Braun as he re-enters. Reigns grabs the steel chair and rocks Braun with it several times. Braun is still standing. Braun catches a chair shot but Reigns counters and Braun goes shoulder-first into the ring post.

Reigns drops Braun on the steel chair with a DDT but Braun kicks out at 2. Reigns with a Superman Punch, and another but Braun is still standing. Reigns goes for a third Superman Punch but Braun blocks it and chokeslams him for a very close 2 count. The announcers wonder if Foley botched the count. Braun argues with Foley now. Braun ends up running into a big boot in the corner. More back and forth. Braun lifts Reigns but Reigns connects with another Superman Punch on the way down for another close 2 count. Braun rolls to the floor for a breather.

Reigns keeps control and follows to the floor. Reigns runs around the ring and charges at Braun but Braun meets him with steel steps to the face. Braun tosses the steps into the ring and stands over Reigns. Braun rolls Reigns back into the ring and smacks him in the face with the steps again. Braun with a 2 count. Braun yells at Reigns to stay down. Braun picks the steps up again and drives them down into Reigns' chest. Braun tosses the steps out of the ring. Braun hits a running powerslam but Reigns kicks out at 2. Braun brings a table into the ring now and leans it up in the corner. Braun scoops Reigns but Reigns slides out and stuns him with a Superman Punch, and another. Reigns hits a Spear, putting Braun through the table in the corner. Reigns rolls Braun over and covers for a close 2 count.

RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre run down to the Cell now, arguing with the referee about getting inside. WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose run down and attack them. Ziggler tries to escape through the crowd but they stop him and send him into the side of the Cell. Ambrose and Rollins take apart the announce table now. McIntyre makes the save and bets on Ambrose. Ziggler starts climbing the outside of the Cell and Rollins follows. They make it to the top of the Cell and start brawling. McIntyre is climbing the side of the structure now. McIntyre and Ziggler double team Rollins up top. Ambrose is climbing up now and he has a kendo stick. Fans chant "this is awesome" as Rollins gets double teamed and Ambrose climbs. Ambrose makes it on top of unloads with kendo stick shots to Ziggler and McIntyre. McIntyre blocks a shot and unloads with Ambrose, pounding on each other. McIntyre drops Ambrose with a big clothesline on top of the Cell.

Ziggler starts climbing down the side of the Cell but Rollins goes after him. We see Braun and Reigns down in the ring still. Rollins and Ziggler trade shots on the side of the Cell from way up high. Rollins and Ziggler both go flying from the side of the Cell through the announce table at ringside. A "holy s--t" chant starts up. Rollins and Ziggler are laid out in the debris. The music interrupts and out comes Brock Lesnar as the crowd goes wild. Paul Heyman is with him.

Heyman argues with a standard referee about opening the Cell. Lesnar, now sporting a beard, doesn't wait and kicks the Cell door off the hinges. Lesnar enters the Cell and hops in the ring, staring down at Reigns and Strowman. Heyman sprays something in the eyes of Foley to take him out after they argue on the outside. Lesnar brings part of the Cell door in the ring and beats on the match participants with parts of the table. Lesnar scoops Strowman and drops him with a F5. Fans chant for Suplex City now. Lesnar scoops Reigns next and hits him with a F5, dropping him on top of Braun. Lesnar stands over Reigns and Strowman to yell out. Fans chant "one more time" but Lesnar exits the Cell and heads up the ramp with Heyman. Reigns and Strowman are down in the middle of the ring. A new referee enters and calls for the bell to end the match.

No Contest

The referee calls for more officials to hit the ring, to check on Reigns and Strowman. Hell In a Cell goes off the air with Strowman and Reigns laid out.

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