As previously noted, former NXT North American Champion Adam Cole [Bay Bay] spoke with WWE Legends Edge and Christian on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness. Among many other things Cole talked about his stable, The Undisputed Era. Specifically, Cole noted that he is really friends with the UE crew. Cole noted Bobby Fish is ready to return to the squared circle. Also, Cole claimed that adding Roderick Strong to the group was a natural fit. Finally, Cole talked about how the group overcomes their popularity to get their babyface opponents cheered by the NXT Universe.

According to Cole, he is legitimately friends with his Undisputed Era stablemates. Moreover, Cole said that being put in the team helped in his transition to WWE.

"I've known those guys for years and years." Cole explained "I mean, Kyle O'Reilly, I was in his wedding. The relationship I have with all those guys is very real. It's not just a TV relationship. All of us, we're texting each other every day. We're talking to each other every day. It's legitimately a group of friends. That was the other thing too, coming in when it was just the three of us, it was me, Kyle, and Bobby, not only is it cool that you get to share this moment with each other, but also it kind of relieves a bit of the pressure. Like, when you're there with your buddies, and you're nervous together, I don't know, it just feels easier to deal with. So that to me definitely helped and it was cool. On top of that, we get to share the highs together as well." 

Also during the podcast, Cole indicated that he is excited for Fish's imminent return to NXT. The former reDRagon member who has been on the shelf with a torn ACL and torn MCL is now healthy and ready to return to the ring.

"Oh yeah, man. I'm beyond excited because there's nothing worse than seeing one of your good buddies go down, especially because, again, we as a group were just starting to hit a serious stride. So, obviously, Bobby was crushed. And since then, Roderick Strong has joined. But Bobby has been working his tail off rehabbing every single day and he's ready, man. He's ready to come back. And he's ready to make this group even bigger than what it is. So I personally and I know Kyle and Roddy feel the same way, we can't wait to get Bobby back with us."

On the subject of Strong, Cole suggested that 'The Messiah Of The Backbreaker' was a natural fit on the team.  

"I feel like he fits so, so well with this group." Cole continued, "it's the most comfortable he has been, the most invested he has been in something. It's really cool that he's with us. Like when he joined, it felt like such a perfect fit. Like there was no awkwardness, no adjustment period. It was like, 'oh, Roderick should've been with us the whole time.' He fits with us perfect."

Apparently, The Undisupted Era has embraced getting babyface pops in their entrance, knowing that what is really important for the heel faction is get the fans to cheer for the babyface by the end of the match.

"We have come to terms with the fact that when we walk through the curtain, we're probably going to get a positive response. Before we used to think, okay, what can we do on television or how can we walk out, how can we get the people to hate us kind of from the gate?' And instead, we've kind of embraced the idea, 'okay, they're going to be excited to see us, but once the match starts, we're going to really get them over time to root for our babyface opponents' and we do run into that, which is good." Cole added, "it's more focusing on what story we can tell or how we can present it. Once the bell rings and over time getting people to really, really want our babyface opponents to win throughout the match almost. And on television, obviously, we talk a big game, we ruin a bunch of matches, which helps us get a bunch of heat."  

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Source: E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness