Former ECW Star Shares Roman Reigns Story

ECW Original Judge Jeff Jones was one of the guests on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast a week ago, and during the conversation about Baltimore's legendary establishment Jimmy's Famous Seafood, Jones recollected an incident about how Reigns was at one time barred from eating at the restaurant, but that has changed since.

Jones noted that that the owner John Minadakis was a big wrestling fan, and when Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were in town, Jeff had taken them to Jimmy's Famous Seafood. Gallows had also brought his family along with him, which was when they noticed a list on the wall.

"Real funny story is John used to be not a Roman Reigns fan", Jeff revealed. "Now, he's actually one of his really good friends, but John has a list up on the wall that said, 'People eat for free and people that are barred.' Like they eat for free were all his football friends like Torrie Smith, Ray Rice, baseball players, stuff like that. The top of the do not/barred list was Roman Reigns, so Gallows's mom gets the tour of the bar and goes upstairs and takes a picture of the list and comes down and goes, 'Hey Roman, look at this,' and John's like, 'I fired that employee that made that list.'

Colt Cabana then asked Jones if this happened at a time when the dislike for Roman Reigns was at an all-time high, and Jeff said it was.

"Yes, but Roman Reigns doesn't suck at Jimmy's Seafood because he did one of his Make-A-Wish appearances for the WWE that he does every week. Well, this one he just so happened to do wearing his Jimmy's Seafood hoodie, so Jimmy's put it up on their Twitter and said, 'Hey, for every like this gets we'll donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.' So, with about 24 hours left, they were looking at about a $4,000 donation, which is good because that's one of Jimmy's go-to charities anyway. He's going to donate money, so why not donate because of wrestling? Then old Roman saw it, had to be vanity searching because he wasn't tagged. Roman hit the old retweet button, Jimmy's donated like 13 grand."

After Reigns revealed that he has been living with leukemia for 11 years this past week on RAW, Jimmy's Famous Seafood raised another $7,500 in Roman's name for Make-A-Wish Mid Atlantic.

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Source: Art of Wrestling podcast


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