Mae Young Classic Recap (10/24): Finals Set For WWE Evolution

Show opens with a recap of the quarterfinals, including the unfortunate injury suffered by Tegan Nox that led Rhea Ripley to advance. Tonight, the MYC semi finals are upon us. Io Shirai takes on Ripley, while Meiko Satomura squares off with Toni Storm.

Intro song.

Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Beth Phoenix welcome us to the show...and remind us that the winners of tonight will go on to face each other at the first ever all women's ppv this Sunday...EVOLUTION.

Our first matchup...Toni Storm and Meiko Satomura.

In the video package Storm calls Meiko the best wrestler in the world. Meiko recalls a matchup the two had in Japan...where the end result was a draw. They're both focused and ready to make sure there is a winner this time.

Toni is out first...followed by Meiko who looks lazer focused. They share a prematch handshake.

Toni Storm versus Meiko Satomura MYC semifinal

Tie-up. Crowd is evenly split on who they want to win. Toni snatches Meiko's arm early with a hammerlock. Meiko shifts her weight and pins Toni to the mat. Headscissor by Meiko but Toni escapes and locks in a headlock. Meiko escapes and lands the first strike...a kick to Toni's chest. They break apart.

Another tie-up. Chain wrestling that leads to the first shoulder bumps. No one moves. Meiko lands another kick but Toni responds with a running big boot. She lays into Meiko with kicks of her own. Series of headbutts from Toni and our first pinfall attempt...only two. Snap suplex from Toni with another cover. Another two. Meiko counters an irish-whip and lays into Toni with stiff kicks aimed at the leg. Meiko takes Toni down and locks in a modified figure-four targeting the leg. Toni breaks the hold by grabbing the ropes.

More kicks from Meiko into Toni's legs. Irish-whip and a big running forearm from Meiko but Toni responds with a series of forearms. Meiko comes right back with a spinning wheel kick that nearly decapitates Toni. European uppercuts from Meiko...Toni catches her in a backslide pin. Two count. Toni wraps up Meiko in a modified Muta-lock submission. Toni has it in deep and Meiko can't move. She eventually gets to the ropes...but expends a lot of energy to do it.

Toni realizes her momentum and nails a running attack, followed by a fisherman suplex. Meiko just kicks out. Big kick from Toni sends Meiko to the outside. Suicide dive under the middle-rope from Toni and both women are down. Back in the ring Toni lands a running enziguri and goes for the cover! Meiko kicks out again! Standing big boots from Toni but that wakes Meiko up. They both trade big boots. Meiko holds onto an irish-whip and drives her knees into Toni's gut. Head kick and death valley driver from Meiko. TONI KICKS OUT AT TWO. Meiko is stunned.

Toni catches a kick from Meiko and transitions into a German suplex! Tiger bomb! MEIKO KICKS OUTS! Crowd goes nuts! She goes for another Tiger bomb but Meiko lands a pele kick! Big head kick! SCORPION KICK! MY GOD TONI KICKED OUT AGAIN. Toni blocks the death valley driver and hits the Tiger Bomb. THAT'S IT!!

Toni Storm wins by pinfall to advance to the finals.

Cole, Young, and Phoenix are all in shock. Storm is in tears. So is Meiko. Crowd chants "Thank you Meiko." They share an embrace in the center of the ring. Kairi Sane hands Storm a bouquet of roses. Triple H meets Meiko at the top of the entrance path, where he bows, and holds her arms up high to celebrate her impressive run in the tournament.

Storm is interviewed following her victory. She's asked what is going through her mind. Storm takes the microphone and says that she is truly living her dream after beating a legend like Meiko. She thanks the women backstage, and the fans in attendance for allowing her to live her dream.

Our main event of the evening is next. Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley. Video package highlights both women's incredible performances in the tournament so far. Rhea says that she is out to get the gold, and that she'll rip Io apart. Io barely mentions Rhea...and is just ready to show the world what she can truly do.

Rhea comes out first...Io second.

Rhea slaps away the prematch handshake.

Io Shirai versus Rhea Ripley MYC semifinal

Tie-up. Rhea tosses Io away with ease. Io responds with a dropkick but then runs right into a big body drop from Rhea. Clubbing forearms from Rhea and she has the early advantage. Arm-lock by Rhea that Io tries to escape from, but Rhea's strength is too much. Rhea wears Io down, targeting the arm and the ribs. Io finally breaks free but Rhea comes right back with a huge elbow that knocks Io to the mat. Body scissor by Rhea and she's back in control.

Io rolls Rhea up to break the hold but Rhea pops up and lands a big dropkick. Cover but only a two count. Stalling vertical suplex from Rhea with a pinfall attempt. Io kicks out. Back to the body scissors from Rhea. She mounts Io to increase the pressure. Io is fading...but turns the hold onto Rhea to gain full mount. She finally lands some offense...hitting Rhea with multiple forearms to create separation. Pop-up powerbomb attempt from Rhea but Io turns it into a frankensteiner! Cover but only two! Big dropkick from Io sends Rhea to the outside. SUICIDE DIVE FROM IO and it lands flush! Both women down on the outside.

Io tries to climb back in the ring but Rhea pulls her out and Io hits the ground hard. Rhea gets back in and hopes that Io gets counted out. Io beats the count on nine. Rhea trash talks Io...asking if she thinks she deserves to be here...slap from Io. Big right from Rhea. Open palm by Io that knocks Rhea to the ropes. 619 from Io! She goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick. She goes for her moonsault finisher but Rhea sweeps her leg. Superplex from Rhea! Cover but Io kicks out! She sets her up for a pumphandle slam but Io shifts her weight and pushes Rhea into the turnbuckle. Io follows up with a meteora. Asai moonsault from the top...and Rhea is done.

Io Shira wins by pinfall and advances to the finals

Triple H gives Rhea the same sendoff that Meiko got. Kairi Sane and Io share a warm embrace in the center of the ring when Sane presents her with roses. Commentary mentions their long historic friendship.

Io also gets interviewed asking how she feels...Io's answer is simple: "Thank you so much...I will win."

Cole asks Beth Phoenix who she thinks will win. Phoenix thinks Toni Storm's momentum will hold up, but Renee Young chooses Io Shirai. Cole breaks the tiebreaker by picking Storm as well.

Toni Storm and Io Shirai meet at the top of the entrance path...they share a hug...and pose to close the MYC tournament at Full Sail.


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