Bruce Prichard Details His Experience At Triple H And Stephanie McMahon's Actual Wedding

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon first started dating in 2000 and they made it official three years later. The pair became engaged on Valentine's Day 2003 and then married eight months later in October.

Stephanie had been written off television the week before by losing an "I Quit" match to Vince McMahon. Even though she only had one week to fully devote to the planning of her wedding, Bruce Prichard described it on his podcast as a ceremony that you usually only see in the movies. Prichard flew up to the location of the wedding in Sleepy Hollow, New York and he depicted the scene of Triple H and Stephanie's wedding.

"It was a special weekend. I remember flying up from Houston, Texas. They had the reception and all of the wedding festivities at this compound in upstate New York," stated Prichard. "It was really nice and pretty cool. The entire deal was secure. It was probably 20-50 acres or something like that. When you checked in and went through the gates at the very beginning when you arrived, the guardhouse would check your name off and would say, 'okay, Bruce Prichard, that is your guest and you have to have this gold coin.' Each person had to have this gold coin on him at any time to be able to present it to any staff or any security that is on the premises to prove that they were with the wedding.

"[We were] the only people at this entire facility. It was a hotel, a bar and a restaurant and then a big ballroom type thing. We had the whole compound. It was pretty nice, and we got in and every night in the rooms they had these beautiful baskets of water - because you are drinking and needed to hydrate, and cookies, goodies and itineraries for the day. They had buses to take everybody from the hotel to the wedding so the wedding was at this church. We got on the bus and it was an incredible, surreal weekend because everywhere you went it was about nuptials about Stephanie and Paul. It was our own people [in the bus] so we can make as much noise as we wanted."

The invite list to the wedding consisted of over 300 people with many of them fellow WWE employees. Among Triple H's groomsman were his father, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and The Undertaker. With so many familiar faces around, Prichard had no problem finding some friends to hang out with the night before the wedding.

"The bar the night before the wedding was a hell of a good time and it was with John Layfield and Fit Finlay, and we had a few adult beverages," said Prichard.

"The wedding was spectacular; about $400,000 worth of roses for this event. It was unbelievable. It was one of those fairytale weddings that you see in the movies and on television."

Test didn't crash the wedding to get revenge on Hunter for doing the same to him four years earlier, and the couple has remained together and welcomed three daughters into the world.

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Source: Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

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