Jordynne Grace On If Scarlett Bordeaux Should Be Part Of Impact Wrestling Knockouts Division

Even though Jordynne Grace is just 22 years old, she has spent years applying her craft for the likes of PROGRESS and SHINE. She finally landed with a major promotion when she joined Impact Wrestling last month and won her debut match against Katarina.

Grace and Katarina will have a rematch on tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling and Grace was asked if she is the real deal ahead of that match after feasting on smaller promotions for so long.

"Well, I'll tell you this: I'm definitely for real," Grace said. "Kat is cunning and she's deceitful as everybody probably already knows it, and my plan is to stay one step ahead of her all the time."

Another recent addition to the Impact roster is Scarlett Bordeaux. She is a throwback to the era of The Beautiful People while Knockouts like Grace and Tessa Blanchard showcase their abilities more so than their assets.

Grace was asked by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman if there is still a place in the Knockout's division for someone like Bordeaux.

"I definitely do because there has to be something for everybody, and I still think there's some gentlemen out there who unfortunately watch wrestling just to see kind of what Scarlett embodies," stated Grace.

"There's also men that really love to see incredible athletes like me and Tessa Blanchard. So, I think, definitely, there's a place for her there."


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