Pentagon Jr. Comments On His Brief Impact Wrestling World Title Run, Why He's Not Focused On Another

In its most recent rebuild, Impact Wrestling has managed to pick up some of the top talent in pro wrestling today. A prime example are the Lucha Brothers, Fenix and Pentagon Jr. Both are multi-time champions wherever they have gone, and they have excited the fans of Impact over the past few months.

It wasn't that long ago when Pentagon beat Austin Aries for the Impact World Championship. His title reign only lasted about two days before Aries won it back. With a lot of time to reflect, Pentagon is looking towards the future.

Wrestling Inc. spoke with The Lucha Brothers on a media call recently. When asked if he would like another shot at the title, Pentagon was very straightforward. While his priorities are different, that won't stop any future plans.

"Although short, I felt very fortunate, very happy with the reign," Pentagon said. "It would be great to have the opportunity to be champion again. Right now, however, my focus is on the tag team titles with my brother."

One title at a time. The Lucha Brothers are looking to face LAX for the Impact Tag Team Titles at Impact's Homecoming PPV on January 6.

Source: Impact Press Pass


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