Triple H Teases Big WWE NXT UK Announcement

Since its inception, NXT UK has taken over the WWE Network. Triple H, the leader of the NXT brand, wants both to succeed in various ways.

Speaking to the media after NXT TakeOver: WarGames, Triple H spoke about the brand and what it has to offer. Whether the brand and the wrestlers performing will be doing more outside of the show on the WWE Network apparently isn't a matter of if, but when.

"Right now, as far as shows shows, we are focusing on the UK right now," Triple H stated. "You'll see a lot of involvement in them obviously around WrestleMania weekend, whether that be via Axxess and creating content. As we come into the beginning of the year, you're going to see that brand begin to grow again. We'll have a big announcement coming up. We have shows in Liverpool next week. It is hard to keep track, they are coming fast and furious. When we are in Liverpool, we'll be making a big announcement about the first quarter of the year."

As most shows go, there is a feeling out process before it becomes a hit. With WWE's new Wednesday schedule, the NXT UK brand can be viewed by millions. Triple H went on to discuss where the show is at in its infancy stage, and what can be done differently. He also compared it to the original NXT brand.

"The brand has been wonderfully successful. It took us a while to get it rolling, we wanted it to be right," Triple H continued. "We had a few glitches on our side regarding the timing of it all, but now that it is up and running, Wednesday has been this massive destination site on the Network for NXT UK, NXT itself and 205 Live. The traffic has been amazing, the response to NXT UK is amazing, people love the show. It has the same gritty feel as NXT, yet feels wholly unique. It feels, while still in the same vain of what you love, slightly different, and that was the goal. I'm obviously not happy with everything about it, but we'll change that. You'll see that happen towards the beginning of the year."

NXT UK is currently in the middle of a tournament to crown the next women's champion for the brand. The NXT UK Tag Team Titles are set to be introduced down the line as well.


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