Becky Lynch On Her Confidence And 2019, Booker T Attacks ROW Heavyweight Champion (Video), WWE Stock

- As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T will be returning to the ring on Saturday, January 12 for his Reality of Wrestling promotion in Texas City, Texas, at their "Last Stand" event from Booker's World Gym Arena. Booker will be facing ROW Heavyweight Champion Rex Andrews.

ROW released this video of Booker accepting Andrews' challenge at ROW's Christmas Chaos event this past weekend. Booker attacked Andrews during a promo and they brawled before Rex cleared the ring of the former World Heavyweight Champion. Booker promised to bring back the "old Booker T" to the match.

- WWE stock was up 2.34% today, closing at $74.72 per share. Today's high was $74.91 and the low was $73.11. The closing-high for 2018 was $96.73 on September 28 and the closing-low for the year was $30.77 on January 3.

- Becky Lynch took to Twitter today and wrote about her confidence as she looks ahead to 2019, which could be the biggest year of her pro wrestling career.

The Man wrote, "My confidence doesn't come from thinking I won't be taking any beatings in 2019. My confidence comes from knowing I can take any beating, and god help the fool who tried me."


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