Being The Elite #130: The Elite Make A Big Decision, "Triple H" Gets His Answer From The Young Bucks

If you missed it, here is the recap for episode 129.

* Young Bucks talking about Nick's recent vision and what they will do next. Nick says "he" should be here soon and there's a knock at the door, very reminiscent of Triple H's theme. "Triple H" walks in and Matt hands off a piece of paper, they shake hands, and take a photo with him.

* In Japan, Young Bucks hanging with "Fat Ass" Masa, who's wearing his own shirt. Nick noted Masa outsold many wrestling legends during Pro Wrestling Tees' Black Friday Sale. Back in California from Japan they talk about their upcoming Ladder War match at ROH Final Battle.

* Newark, New Jersey, SCU complains about the state. Daniels seems to be over not feeling like he's SCU, the group ends up hugging.

* Scorpio Sky looks for his keys, which were in his pocket, he drops them, and says he's a butter finger. Matt shows up with a butterfinger candy and they do their candy bar bit.

* Flip Gordon runs into Adam Page, Cody Rhodes, and The Young Bucks. Matt says to Flip when he first joined the show nobody knew who he was, but now he's more popular and winning titles. Flip went out and grabbed those brass rings. Cody presents Flip with a bag of actual brass rings and they hug. Cody then says into his ear, "I hope you f---ing die" and the two laugh. Matt then invites Flip to be in The Elite, Flip doesn't seem that happy and says his dream was always to be in the Bullet Club. Flip asked if they could put in a good word with the leader of the Bullet Club, Jay White. Cody tries to punch him, but Nick holds Cody back. The group then decides to beat up Flip.

* Marty Scurll talks with Trevor and Arthur, he invites them to his New Year's Day party. Arthur says he'd rather watch Crown Jewel than go to his party, Trevor says they have plans that day. The three of them end up just arguing and swearing at each other.

* Young Bucks in the Hammerstein Ballroom before ROH Final Battle, seemingly their last event with the company. Matt says it's the end of the chapter and they'll see what's on the next page.

* Page says he's being doing an investigation into these letters that he, Cody, and the Bucks received. Page wants to know what Cody is doing, Cody says he already told everyone, they're sticking together. Matt and Nick look kind of nervous, but we see a flashback to "Triple H" who reads the note the Young Bucks handed him: "Although this was a difficult decision. We watched an episode of RAW and saw what you guys did to the tag team division. I know in this business the saying goes, 'never say never,' but for now, we wish you the best in your future endeavors." When "Triple H" puts down the note, Matt and Nick are there to superkick him. He ends up taking a really, really long time to finally flair flop down to the ground.

* At Final Battle, Young Bucks talk about how they worked there for 10 years and it feels weird moving on. Fast-forward to after the event, we see some random ROH clips and the group with their bags packed. The four head off, but their hands all do the "money shake" as they get their luggage.

* SCU is happy to be back in California, the group talks about what they are going to go do. Suddenly, the countdown starts ticking, Kazarian asks Daniels if that's his pacemaker, "No man, mine is digital, you couldn't hear that!" They all look at their phones and see what it is, the countdown for all three is just under 16 days.


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