Kurt Angle did a Q&A on Facebook earlier this week. Angle answered questions about how his neck was doing, his favorite feud with the Big Show, and his favorite moment in WWE. You can read highlights from the Q&A below:

His opinion of Jinder Mahal:

"I love Jinder. He's a true heel and had a great championship run. He's very valuable."

How his neck is feeling these days:

"Maintenance is key. I do lots of neck stretches, traction, heat, ice. My neck is doing well considering."

His favorite feud with Big Show:

"I loved all of them. Big Show was always the biggest roadblock that I had to deal with, [Brock] Lesnar too, but Show was such an amazing athlete at his size. I knew the matches would be great and they were. He's a giant and will be remembered forever."

Favorite year in WWE:

"From a championship perspective, 2000-2001. From a workhorse perspective, 2001-2006. Yes, all 5 years. Why? Because I was undoubtedly the best in WWE during those 5 years. I'm not bragging, I'm being honest. My only setback was the neck injuries."

Kurt Angle also answered questions about Finn Balor's odds against Baron Corbin and life lessons he's learned from his career.