With over 25 years in the professional wrestling business, Matt Hardy is beginning to officially wind down his in-ring career. While there were hints of his retirement through various social media posts, Hardy has yet to make an officially announcement, and has even stated that he does not plan on ending his career just yet. Hardy is currently spending most of his time doing ambassador work, as well as providing assistance backstage to hopefully become a full-time agent.

In an interview with myKhel to promote WWE products and an upcoming tryout in March 2019, Hardy commented on his future WWE plans.

"I absolutely think that I would be a good coach or a trainer in the WWE after I retire," said Hardy. "I could be very beneficial as being a producer someone who kind-of structure matches or even a writer for someone who is on the creative aspect. A lot of things especially considering I have been in ring perform for him for so long sometimes I feel like I have now insight in the way to help of guys from creative aspect like people are just born writers since I have been actual performers rest or for some years past."

Although he feels that a title run would be amazing, Hardy is not putting that accomplishment as one of the top things on his current priority list. Instead, his goal is to "try to be as entertaining and try to be as fresh as much as possible." At this point in his career, Hardy does not feel that a title run is mandatory, neither does he feel that it is going to change the way he looks back at his career.

Before he retires, Hardy desires to face one person – former WWE and Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

"I would say that one person that I would be dreaming before retirement because I haven't got a chance to work with him. Now he's gonna be gone for a little bit in future…it'll be Roman Reigns," said Hardy. "He is kind of a guy that WWE built around and I do I like him a lot as a person. I consider him my friend. So I would love to have a Matt Hardy vs. Roman Reigns match before retirement."

Over his career, Hardy has cemented himself as being one of the greatest tag team champions in WWE history, as well as acquiring reigns as ECW, United States, and Cruiserweight Champion.

Source: myKhel